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Saturday Author Spotlight : Kade Boehme *Interview and TWO Giveaways!

If you go on to Kade Boehme's Goodread's author page you'll read this:

About this author


Kade Boehme is a southern boy without the charm, but all the sass. Currently residing in Seattle, he lives off of ramen noodles and too much booze.

He is "the epitomy of dorkdom", only watching TV when Rachel Maddow or one of his sports teams is on. (That'd be Orioles, Seahawks, Ravens, or Gators.) Most of his free time is spent dancing, arguing politics or with his nose in a book. He is also a hardcore Britney Spears fangirl and has an addiction to glitter.

It was after writing a short story about boys who loved each other for a less than reputable adult website that he found his true calling, and hopefully a bit more class.

He hopes to write about all the romance that he personally finds himself allergic to but that others can fall in love with. He maintains that life is real and the stories should be, as well. 

Now, a person reading that would say, "wow what a cool guy, even though I have to say GO YANKEES GO! Anyway! You'd think he sounds fun, down to earth and someone I could totally sit down and have a meaningful conversation with. 

Here's what I can tell you about what I know. I've read many of Kade's books. Each one outstanding. I never put one down disappointed. For me each was a privilege. What people need to realize is, when you open a book and read a story you are reading a piece of that writers soul. Yeah yeah the voices speak to them and that's the driving force behind it. Without the writer all you have is the chaos. Kade makes sense of it, writes it down, let's it flow and in turn YOU get one hell of a ride.

"He maintains that life is real and the stories should be, as well." This, I would have to say, sums up Kade for me. I spoke with him regarding this spotlight and of course the interview. He is quite a remarkable person. He doesn't preach he actually TALKS to you. He's easy going, respectful and has an unique ability to make you feel important. Not something you encounter much these days. 

After speaking with him, his books made even MORE sense. I see a lot of him in his characters, in the stories he tells. Is it empathy, sympathy? Not sure but it all clicks in to place... For me anyway!

Let's talk books! 


Tucker Gray is a Baltimore, MD waiter, hailing from the deep south, whose mental health issues and past relationships have made it hard to trust more than the cut. After he hits what he thought was rock bottom Tucker decides to keep close to the ones who stood by him and keep his head down, until he finds something to prove it can get better.

Jesse Bauer is unsure what his future holds after an injury forces him to retire from the marines. With all of the decisions he has to make in his civilian life with all of its freedoms and possibilities, he feels staying closeted and keeping the people in his life happy will keep down the chaos.

Until the night he met Tucker Gray at a party he thought that’d be possible, but both of them are instantly and strongly in lust. As their relationship grows Jesse has to prove himself and Tucker has to learn to trust more than the cut.

Such a beautifully written book. From page one you are filled with questions and wonder. You push and pull with so many emotions in this book and when you first see it as a tight knot incapable of smoothing out, you come to realize throughout, it's never going to be smooth. Even when it's free it's going to be creased and imperfect. EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD BE! I loved this book!

Raised in near seclusion by an agoraphobic mother, Davy Cooper’s social skills are almost nonexistent. Now that his mother has died, he needs to make friends for the first time in his life. He catches Gavin Walker’s eye, but the sexy, confident, bad boy hipster intimidates shy Davy so much that he throws away Gavin’s number every time he offers it.

When Gavin defends Davy from a rude guy, Davy begins to warm to him. However, with his limited experience, he thinks he and Gavin are too different, and anything more than a casual acquaintance will end in complete disaster


I adored Davy! ADORED him! Sometimes you connect with characters. You read them and are like, "Yeah, I totally understand where he's coming from." That's how I was with Davy! That was a huge reason why I fell in love with this book. Gavin and Davy are stunning and my heart hurt and yet I relished in every second of it... Yeah, I loved this book too!

Will Cooper is a Deputy in the Sheriff’s office of Western Washington’s coastal Gray’s Harbor County. While searching for a stolen vehicle, he gets lost and meets Colin Sharpe who’s a member of the local Native American tribe. The two are attracted to one another but after a run-in with some tribe teenagers that ends in bad blood between the sheriff’s department, Will and Colin’s father, the two can’t think of worse people to get involved with.

When Colin's father and the tribal council wage a war against Will in the form of a lawsuit with some nasty allegations from a troubled teenager, Colin and Will must face the reality that they have no future. But after running into each other in a more neutral environment, they decide to throw caution to the wind and get each other out of their systems. What was supposed to be one night turns into an affair that neither sees having a happy outcome.

Will's been hurt by falling for the wrong man before. Can he and Colin put aside the tribe's prejudices and make a stand for love?


Where the World Ends is VERY different from Trouble and the Wallflower, and Don't Trust the Cut. Each of Kade's books are unique in their own right, but Where the World Ends was very different. It showed the versatility of the writer. Here we deal with racial prejudices. I found that Kade really tackled this perfectly and even though I shook my head a lot with Collin's father I couldn't help but think, "This really is how it is." I fell in love with the fight for love in this book and adored every page.

I really could sit here all day and talk about Kade's books. But sooner or later it will turn into a rambling mess and really all there is to say is: BUY THEM, READ THEM!


So many of your characters (if not all of them) are deeply written. The psychology of each of your creations is like an onion... so many layers. How do you set up an outline for them?
I actually have like Plot Points I must hit then I just let the characters do what they will. It may seem cliche but I seriously get ... possessed? I think that's the right word. This is their story. They just speak through me. At least, I certainly hope.

If you could do a collaboration with any author (that is alive) who would you love to work with?
I'm actually working with Allison Cassatta right now and it's an absolute dream. I'd do any project she asked me to join in on. I love, love the chemistry. I usually shy away from co-authoring because I've had some a nightmare experience but if I could write with anyone from our genre (because that's seriously all I read haha) it'd be Marie Sexton because she's fucking fabulous or Cameron Dane because she is totally my speed.

Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?
I'm nearing the finish line on a novel with Allison Cassatta (as I said earlier) and I'm working on Greg's story from the Wood, Screws, & Nails world. I'll also be releasing a transgender contemporary in the fall in the Wide Awake world. Anyone who read You Can Still See the Stars in Seattle will remember Madyson. It's her turn and I'm so so stoked about it.

 There is a lot of controversy in the M/M world about female authors writing in the genre. As not just a writer but also being gay, what are your thoughts on this?
I have to say the controversy upsets me so much. Women were the first people to accept you, be it your mother or your bestie who went to prom with you and helped you survive high school. Why can't they have a voice in this genre? They know the human condition, they know their gay friends; L, G, B or T. The sign of a good author is transcending age, gender, sexuality and getting to the core of a character and their human experience (or non-human if PRN is your thing). I say thank you to the women who write because they're helping open minds. The gender of an author should be off the table as a discussion point.

Out of all your characters, do you identify with one or maybe two, more than others, can you tell us why?
Tucker from Don't Trust the Cut has some of my history written into him but Gavin from Trouble & the Wallflower is the one people ask me all the time "did you just write yourself in a book?" No my mother didn't do any of that stuff (she's actually pretty cool) but I probably am that slutty. Eh. Whatevs. They prob all are a little bit of me. I think it's hard not to put some of your soul in your characters.

What is one subject matter you will never address in any of your books?
I try to keep an open mind. I'm not a big series writer because I strive to make each book different from the other. That includes pulling some gutwrenching shit out. I've done everything from cheating to racism. It's part of the human condition. Nothing's off limits. Er. I probably won't ever write a PRN mostly cuz I don't read 'em.

Have you ever considered doing a series? All your books are stand alone's (correct me if I'm wrong) Are you going to make any of those into a series, or any plans to start one?
I only have one that would be considered a series and that's the Wide Away books. I really suck at staying in one world because I don't like revisiting characters once I've put them to bed. But I'll never say never.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
One can only hope I'm still doing this. As long as there are readers I'll be around, whether for money or not.
Characters often find themselves in situations they aren't sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?
Wow. That's a toughie. I think the last time I remember a situation like that, I was dealing with a really bad ex. It was tough because being young and dumb and taking crap from someone for so long you start to feel kind of worthless. I guess that's a work in progress because even when you get out of it you still have some hang-ups because of it. But hey, we wouldn't be who we are without who we were and I think I'm an okay guy so ... yeah.

How can readers follow your work in social media, ie, Facebook, Website, Twitter???
I'm everywhere. Haha.
Kade on Wordpress 

Kade on Blogger 

Kade on Facebook 

Kade on Twitter 

Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?

I've never made it to China and I'm completely fascinated with the culture. It'd be awesome to get over there one day :)
You have been awesome thank you!
Thanks so much for having me. Hope I didn't bore y'all too much with my answers. 
You can go on to Kade's Goodread's page Here > Kade on Goodreads     Look at ALL the books he's written and trust me they are all amazing!
His NEW PROJECT!!! Which will released July 15, 2014  had a cover reveal today AND I have a blurb of it for you! Here you go:
 English-born Callum Fuller-Jackson and his American, soon-to-be-ex-husband Elliot Fuller-Jackson are blindsided by the abduction and murder of their young son, Henry, during a visit at Cal's Los Angeles home. Their romance has been fraught with hardships, insecurities and distance due to Cal's banking in the city and Lee's horse-training in rural Nevada. Surviving the reasons for Henry's abduction and each of their blame for the tragedy can either bring them back together or destroy them, especially when they have to accept that the wages of their sins was death.


Okay now GIVEAWAY TIME! Kade is giving away 2 ebooks today Trouble and the Wallflower and Where the World Ends. Two very different books and 2 lucky readers will get their hands on it. How it works... You do the giveaway below... Then on Friday May, 9th 2 winners selected at random will be notified. Rafflecopter will choose the winner I'll choose the book. Kade will email it to you after you tell me the format you want. You will 48 hours to respond. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!


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    1. You are so welcome! I really think you'll love him and good luck

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    1. Thank you so much! Y'all are making my day <3

  8. OK well I have read everything that Kade has written that's been published; he's one of my favorite authors. :-) I am thrilled to see that he has more planned for Greg from WS&N and then Madyson... transgender? I'm there. Cannot wait for those. Also cannot wait for the book coming out in July. Yes I'm a huge fan. Don't enter me in the give-away as I already have both these ebooks. :-) I know that whoever wins will really really love them! <3