Monday, March 31, 2014

Time to Grow Up

Interesting things have been happening... Well, not JUST happening. Maybe they are just more noticeable. Children are learning to face the world head on. They are taught to respect their elders and treat everyone with respect. I love this and I hate this.

As I scroll my timeline on Facebook or glance at Twitter I see grown adults acting like how my children should. They bash each other in the "Not so secret" way. Their status is public but addressed to only one person, but the attention whore with in them needs everyone to ask in hopes it reaches the person they need it to.

Then there's the block them unblock them block them wait, unblock them game. It's famous in many circles. It's also a game played by adults. It's sad, and a waste of my time. There aren't hidden meanings to my posts. Decoder rings are not needed to understand my tweets or statuses. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. If it's you I need to address I will do so. I grew up a long time ago.

You know that saying, "If you say you're not crazy more then 3 times a day, you're crazy." Yeah well, if you sit around saying you are an intelligent person and don't play games, over and over and over, and yet you do... Guess what? Yeah! 

I used to write in fanfiction and I fell into a loop of  "Mean Girls" for a time. It got away from me and I admit that. I didn't like what grew from the poison and so it bit me on the butt and I got a dose of my own medicine. I didn't like it. It woke me up and I stepped away and saw the error of my ways.
There are days where I see a glimmer of what I was in my timeline by others. I realize too often then not, it's never really going to leave me alone.

Point is, I don't have anymore to say about what I was. I don't care who said what to who. And I think everyone needs to reassess their own lives. You are angry with how your life is? Change it, don't drag others down because you can't deal. If you surround yourself with negative people, don't expect a positive life.

We ALL reach a point where we need to grow up. Look in the mirror, are you still 5? No? Then grow up. Stop playing games and grab your dreams by the horns. Find your peace and stop spreading all the toxic energy. It's overdone and overplayed. 90210 was a show, not a lifestyle people.