Monday, March 3, 2014

Shiny Isn't Always Better

I know that sometimes shiny is better. But, in this post it isn't always. There's a saying many of us have heard our parents or our grandparents say. "They just don't make em like they used to." Normally they are referring to movies, cars or music. As a child I would agree with those categories. Now? Not so much. The saying needs changing. "They just don't make people like they used to."

EVOLUTION! Many shout! They say time has changed us to be less ignorant, more tolerant. We are free!!! Yeah yeah! Okay fine. True. But there was a time where we had these little things called values.

Yes, time changes us. And for all the good it's doing, it's doing just as much bad. So you have a friend for a time. One who knows all your secrets. Who has weathered all the storms with you. They have been your counsel when you were in need of advice. They were the shoulder when you were tired and the arms that held you up when you were falling. ENTER SOMETHING (or someone) SHINY.

THIS person is new, fresh and has index cards of new material. I'm not saying they are bad, but it becomes bad when the old is tossed out, and the new replaces the priceless gift you once had.
I feel like we all have this sidebar that lights up beside us and it reads "Here's what's trending" There are so many sheep that the wolves will never be hungry.

We only sparkle for a short time. Then we dull, not because we are less appealing or entertaining. But because we become comfortable. Why do we gravitate toward the sparkles and ignore the light? With out the light, there can be no sparkle.

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