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Author Saturday Spotlight: K.c. Wells *Interview and Giveaway*

I am very excited and happy to have the opportunity to Spotlight the very talented and amazing K.c. Wells. I'm always a fan of the authors I spotlight and I get giddy when they agree to let me go on and on about them. LOL.

I've described K.c's writing in many words. Warm, kind, hot, secure, safe, exciting and entertaining. There are times I'll be reading a scene of hers and feel all the love poured into it. K.c has the ability to write a scene that starts with fear, morphs to love and ends in amazing passion. I have often found myself melting into her words.

She has agreed to do an interview and I am so thrilled and I know you will get a kick reading it. ALSO she is being so generous and offering one reader a chance to win a K.c Wells ebook of your choice... YES! A READER'S CHOICE GIVEAWAY!

On K.c's Goodreads page are lists of all her series from Island Tales, to Collars and Cuffs (MY FAVORITE) They vary in plot and are wonderfully crafted to entertain you. Learning to Love and Personal series are amazing as well. And you will easily find yourself bouncing from one series to the next without question... Check out her GR page > K.c Wells on Goodreads

Let's get to the interview shall we? GREAT!


I want to thank K.c for taking time out of her busy life to let us get to know her a bit more. So thank you K.c and welcome...

1. I'm going to start with a Collars and Cuffs Series question... (Junky remember?) So, Book 1 (An Unlocked Heart) and Book 2 (Trusting Thomas) were writing entirely by you. But book 3 (Someone to Keep Me) was co-written by Parker Williams. Was it difficult to connect with another writer after already writing 2 books in this series? And also, how do you co-write with someone, dynamic wise?

Ah, but Trusting Thomas was planned out with Will Parkinson. So when it came time to write Someone To Keep Me, it felt familiar. We found a way that worked for us. We planned out the novel, and that way we could see instantly where we were up to. Will would write while I was asleep, and vice versa. it worked out really well.
Then we'd check through what the other had written.
2. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Sorry - I have WAAAYYYYYYY too many favorite authors to answer that one!
3. You write a lot of Series's Learning to Love, Personal, Collars and Cuffs. They are all VERY different, which is good, how do you map out a series? Doesn't it get confusing remembering book 1 by the time you get to 3 or 4?

Notes! I keep extensive notes on my plots and characters. However, sometimes I do miss things. A lovely lady who reviews my books emailed me just after the release of Personal Secrets to tell me I'd missed something about Ed - and she was right! But I am forever checking back to make sure I haven't missed stuff. Usually when the idea for a series comes to me, I can already see in my head how many books there will be. For instance, I wrote Love Lessons Learned, which comes out April 14th from Dreamspinner Press, as a spin-off from the Learning to Love series. By the time I was half way through the book, I knew I had another series. Stu, Alec and Martin were talking to me - very loudly! You'll know what I mean when you meet them.
4. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members? Please feel free to elaborate.
Family members....hmmmmm. Apart from my dad and step-mum, who have been tremendous, there hasn't been much support from my family. I'm not going to go into that. But from my friends? That's another matter. Sorry - one isn't enough so you'll have to bear with me.

These are friends I didn't meet until I joined Facebook. Will Parkinson, you already know about - hell, anyone who sees our posts on FB knows about that one! Will's like my brother, and we're close. Then there's Max Vos. That man is my best friend. I talk every morning with those two. And then there's Becky Condit. That is one sweet, kind woman. Recently, I've met some wonderful people who've become part of my life, JR Weiershauser and Kol Anderson. Kol started out as a sprint buddy and then became a friend. I met JR through Kol, and am very grateful for that. JR brightens my day.
I haven't even gotten on to Lara Brukz and Tina Marie, my lovely betas. Those two are wonderful.
And I have to mention the lovely Sue Brown who helped me so much when I first started out, and then became a good friend. 
5. I've read both of your Island Tales books, AND LOVED THEM, are you writing anymore of that series and if so can you tell us ANYTHING about it?
Well, there will be more!
The next one is all about a young man who goes to work for an older guy as his companion. Adam went blind and isn't coping well, so his sister hires Paul Vaughan to take care of him. The two men reach an uneasy truce - until Paul discovers Adam's collection of BDSM magazines and equipment in the loft, which fires up his interest. Adam is angry that a part of his life is now over. Who wants a blind Dom? He may be surprised....

There are more tales to follow this one.
6. Of ALL the characters you've written, do you connect with one more then another? Do you even have a favorite?

I have a soft spot for Ed (the Personal series), Leo (Collars & Cuffs) is a great character, but I will always love Michael & Sean, my first boys. (Learning to Love)
7. What inspired you to write your first book?

I'd been reading a lot of MM books from Dreamspinner. So when the idea for Michael & Sean came to me, and wouldn't go away, I thought, "Well, why not have a go?"
Once I got started, I didn't want to stop.
8. You write in the M/M Genre. May I ask why you chose that genre?

I think IT chose ME! LOL. It was so very different. I loved the dynamics of a relationship between two men. Come to think of it, that's a very difficult question to answer. I loved reading M/M, and I knew as soon as I started writing that this was the genre for me. It just felt like coming home.
9. Which social network worked best for you? And if your fans wanted to keep up with what you're up to in your writing career how could they do that?
Facebook has been great. I interact with fans all the time there. I have a page for my self published stuff and another for my Dreamspinner Press novels
but anyone can reach me at I'm always posting there about my writing
10. You have accomplished so much as an author already. What, at this time, is your goal?

To get all these stories in my head out into the world! I have so many projects, that I have to write them down as they come to me. I LOVE writing. It makes me feel happy, fulfilled... I love that I can come to the end of a day and look back and see what I've accomplished. I love it when a book comes out. I'm now working on my fifteenth novel and it still feels great!
So there you have it. A wonderful interview and I have to be honest I learned quite a lot about the author myself.
K.c. also has a website that you can follow to keep up with her happenings so be sure to check that out as well... K.c's website 
K.c has a sweet treat for all of you! Because she has many Series' there's no telling where you are all at with them. Are you dying to read book 3 of Collars and Cuffs? Did you want to start Lessons Learned? Well, here's your chance to push forth and get what you want. 
One lucky person will win THEIR CHOICE of ANY K.c Wells ebook! WHOOP! Yes, it's so exciting!
The contest will run until April 4th! So, be sure to enter for your chance. Again I want to thank K.c for being the Spotlight this Saturday! Make sure all of you check out her books and get reading :)


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  1. What a great interview. I've read and loved all of KC's books and the fact that she is quite a lovely person doesn't hurt either. :)

  2. Really want to start the Collars and Cuffs series. I've heard so many good things about KC's books. I still consider myself a newbie to this genre and have really been diving into it feet first. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Great interview. These are on my TBR list