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New Release Review: Strip Search by Morticia Knight #Review #Giveaway

Title: Strip Search
Series: Sin City Uniforms #7
Author: Morticia Knight
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: April 14, 2020
Length: 209 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


Stripping used to be fun…

A successful career as an aerialist is all Dakota has ever dreamed of, but his job as a dancer at Glitter Boys is what pays the bills. However, the owner of the hottest male strip club in Vegas lusts after Dakota and will stop at nothing to possess him. Then, Dakota’s thirteen-year-old brother runs away from home to escape their abusive father, and he becomes determined to rescue him from the danger of the streets.

Patrol officer Reed hasn’t been attracted to a man in a very long time, but when he’s called to an assault in progress at the LGBTQ teen shelter, a young stranger changes everything. Reed fights the instant spark of attraction, certain that nothing will happen between them. Yet, when he stumbles across that same man during another call, he wonders if fate has already set their future in motion.

Destiny is one thing, but the stark reality of daily life is another. Between Dakota’s scary ex-boss who can’t take no for an answer, fighting for guardianship of his brother and wondering how they’ll survive—Dakota isn’t sure he and Reed stand a chance. Not only that, but Reed has never had sex with a man. If Reed can’t be there for him and his brother as a family, then Dakota fears he has no choice but to say goodbye.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by Pride Publishing. It has been revised, expanded and re-edited for re-release.

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Strip Search is the seventh book in Morticia Knight’s Sin City Uniforms series. This time we have exotic dancer, Dakota and patrol officer Reed’s story.

Dakota is a stripper working to pay for dance classes to become an aerialist in a big Vegas show. The club he works in, Glitter Boys, pays a lot. It’s also run by a ruthless man who wants more from Dakota than he is willing to give. Just as Dakota is realizing the trouble he’s in, his younger brother runs away and he knows he’s the only one who can help his brother. Searching for his brother, puts Dakota right in the path of the kind and sexy police officer, Reed.

There are immediate sparks on both sides, numbers are exchanged, and Reed offers his assistance in Dakota’s search. The very next night, Reed comes across Dakota again. He sees that Dakota has a dangerous boss and pleads with Dakota to accept his help. Dinner leads to the two of them getting close…very close. They each have things they need to share with the other, but both want to pursue what’s happening between them. Now they just need to find Dakota’s brother, meet the family, and take care of the ruthless boss…easy, right?

This was an enjoyable and easy read. I have to admit that I would have loved to see the search for the brother and the bad guy boss storyline fleshed out a bit more. That’s just a personal preference because I love a bit more angst and mayhem. This is a bit of insta-relationship, but both men are charming and very likable. The chemistry and heat burn brightly between Reed and Dakota. The relationship may happen quickly, but you can see them growing as a couple and I really liked that. I haven’t read all of the previous seven books, I didn’t realize it was part of a large series. I found that I didn’t need to have read them, each reads as a standalone. You will meet characters that will have you looking for them in your kindle though.


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