Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Featured Guest: Ana Newfolk ~ Guest Post #Giveaway

Diverse Reader is so happy to have the lovely Ana Newfolk AKA Ana Ashley here today. She's got an awesome guest post and giveaway so be sure to check it out.

What do writing and baking have in common?

As I walked the aisles of my local supermarket early in November in search of the ingredients for a cake it all became clear. 
If you google what do writing and baking have in common one of the results you get is a post by Derek Murphy on this topic but from a marketing perspective.  

Anyhoo, back in November I had two things I needed to do. The first one, and arguably the most important, was that I had to send a manuscript to my proofreader. The second one was something I do every winter. I bake a Christmas cake.

I live in the UK so for those not familiar with Christmas cake, you can find some information here. I don’t like Christmas cake, but someone in my family does, and it’s a nice Christmas present.

So how does my Christmas cake relate to writing? Well, on December 20 I’m releasing How to Catch a Prince, which is my first book in the Chester Falls series.
The idea for this novel came to me over a year ago. I wrote it earlier in the summer, and then in September I revisited my prince and his commoner love interest, made a few changes and off it went to the editor. Then in November it was proofread, ready to publish.

How to Catch a Prince was a little bit like baking a cake in November that isn’t going to be eaten until Christmas (and by the way, November is already late if you’re really a fan of well fed Christmas cakes).

I love baking so it’s no wonder I made the association between how long it takes to make a specific cake from supermarket shelf to the table, and how long it takes to produce a book from initial concept to release date.

If you’re more of a bake it and eat it kind of girl like I am, then I can tell you that book two in the Chester Falls series was written in a week last week, and is currently with the editor. Like it most things in life, it’s nice to have some variety (although I’ll never have fruit cake!). 


When you’re faking a relationship, the last thing you should do is fall in love...especially with a prince.

Charlie is back in his hometown of Chester Falls for his sister's wedding. What he needs is a date to keep him away from the wandering hands of his ex.

Prince Kristof of Lydovia, or simply Kris, needs an escape from the latest press scandal. Hiding away in an American small town doesn't mean he can't pretend to not be royal, or be someone's boyfriend. Especially when that someone keeps falling all over him, literally.

Intense chemistry
A family wedding
Too many secrets

When their fake relationship starts to feel very real, and the press closes in, how will Kris and Charlie handle the fallout? And when the truth comes out will Charlie catch his prince, or will he let him go?

Welcome to Chester Falls, where you can expect to meet sweet men, sexy situations, interfering friends, lots of feels, and a happy ever after.
Book One in the Chester Falls series. How To Catch a Prince is a standalone sweet and steamy MM romance novel with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA. 

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Ana writes gay romance. After getting hooked on reading gay romance, Ana decided to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

She publishes contemporary sweet and steamy romance under the pen name Ana Ashley and contemporary sweet and steamy romance with a European twist under the pen name Ana Newfolk.

 Ana was born in Portugal but has lived in the United Kingdom for so long, even her friends sometimes doubt if she really is Portuguese. 

These days you can find her in front of her laptop bringing her stories to life, or in the kitchen perfecting her recipe for the famous Portuguese custard tarts.


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