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Random Review: Sons of Rome by Karrie Roman #Review #Giveaway

Title: Sons Of Rome 
Author: Karrie Roman 
Publisher: NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Publication Date: October 28, 2019
Length: 258 pages 

Reviewed by Truus


9CE Germania

Battle weary and fearless Centurion Drusus Tuscus has only three more years in the Roman Legions and then he can return home to the mother and young brother he was forced to leave behind seventeen summers ago. Drusus has suffered much during his years in the Legions: defeats, fallen comrades and excruciating wounds, but this time the stakes are so much higher. As he prepares to lead his warriors from the safety of their winter base, across the Rhine into the wilds of Germania, he awaits the arrival of new recruits to bolster his century. With these men he will face the ferocious barbarian tribes, many still chafing under the yoke of Roman subjugation.

When his friend and Optio returns with the new men, two faces in the crowd change everything for Drusus. His brother, long lost to him and now a man, stands before him and he brings with him a friend, a man named Caius. A man who stirs the long dead fires of Drusus’s heart. Two men, neither of whom Drusus is willing to lose to a barbarian blade.

As the campaign begins, whispers of betrayal and rebellion stoke a fear in Drusus, especially as his arrogant commander refuses to take heed of the warnings. As catastrophe stalks their footsteps Drusus must balance his duty to Rome with his love for Caius. He will give everything he has to save his beloved brother, and Caius, the man who has stolen his heart.

Two lives that mean more to Drusus than his own.

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What a tremendously good read this was! Every page was full of events.

“It is a citizen’s duty to fight with the legions for Roma.”

Drusus was held the army for 20 years and kept away from his mother and brother, at the 17 year mark one of the new men is Calpurnius, Drusus' brother joins up. Drusus is thrilled to finally see him again. Besides his brother he meets his brother's best friend Caius. Drusus is breathless by the sight of the beautiful man, he feels their strong attraction toward each other. He’s so afraid to give his heart, he will retire in three years and Caius still has many years to go. Caius is the sweetest seducer and wants nothing more than to please his beloved Drusus.

Drusus speaks out his concern to his best friend and right-hand Marcus, how his army must move through Germania territory where a trap lies. Varus, their incompetent Governor and military commander orders it, so they must go.

Drusus is afraid his brother and his lover will get hurt, albeit they are great warriors.

Reading these words “Their duty was to fight and die for Roma” I shivered about what was coming. I felt so anxious and afraid something awful would happen. It was palpable on every page.

So the battle began. Drusus is modest, fair, disciplined and a great leader. Right beside him stands Caius, Calpurnius, Marcus, and all his dedicated men.
The battle, gosh it was heavy, brutal, with great loss, who turned warriors into tortured souls, screaming through their nightmares.

Between the fights there were also breathtaking moments of deep compassion, tenderness, passionate love, and deep-rooted friendship, warming them from the cold of the battlefield.

The interactions between Drusus and Caius were full of sensuality and sensitivity, it made me a bit drunk. Together they were unbelievably intense, caring and loving.

When the great Emperor Augustus spoke his wise words I could breathe freely again and my eyes cried unstoppably. My head hurt from anxiety and now, at last, I could relax.

What an impressive and powerful story this was. Awesomely written, captivating and with not one dull moment, I was glued to the pages.

The scenery felt authentic as did the vocabulary. I saw everything clearly. The tents, the shields, the fields, the mud, the woods, their armor, the roads they traveled. And to cap it all the battles itself.
I could picture it like a movie.

What charmed me the most, between all cruelty there was friendship, camaraderie, kindness, and love. The author did an amazing piece of work.

Highly recommended!


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