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Random Review: Polished by Bianca Sommerland #Review #Giveaway

Author: Bianca Sommerland
Title: Polished
Self Published
Publication Date: September 27, 2018
Length: 123 pages 

Reviewed by Jenn


Prison or a life of luxury? Let me think…

Reluctant thief Alec Tremaine would rather be behind bars than face his brothers after his first attempt at grand theft auto goes horribly wrong. Desperation had him agreeing to their crazy plan—better to be a criminal like the rest of the Tremaine clan than starve on the streets—but when they abandon him, he’s forced to face the most powerful man in the city.

And given the opportunity to climb out of the gutter.

Right into the bed of Xavier Ashburne.

There’s only one catch. Alec isn’t quite up to Xavier’s standards. Not yet.

His head of security, Luther Cross, the only man Xavier considers his equal, sees something in Alec worth more than anyone ever has. Bound by the rules of his unique relationship with the temperamental millionaire, Luther’s training could decide Alec’s entire future. But giving in to temptation could destroy it.

Alec’s value is in what he must become.





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What would you do for a chance to climb out of the gutter? This is the question that reluctant car thief, Alec Tremaine has to ask himself when he is caught red handed. He is caught by Luther Cross, head of security to Xavier Ashburne. These men are more than what they seem though and Alec’s first impression is intimidating enough. 

Xavier Tremaine is one of the most powerful men in the city and he trusts exactly one person...Luther. Both men see something in Alec worth exploring, worth saving. He needs training to become an employee of Xavier’s and to come to his bed. That’s where Luther comes in. Luther is to teach him how to dress, how to work an office job, how to to become polished.

This was a pretty short read and an interesting one. Alec may live in the streets, but he’s an innocent in many ways and in some ways, he seems an old man. I love the dynamic between Xavier and Luther, Alec and Luther, and Xavier and Alec. When the three of them are in the same room is my favorite though, even if they’re just sharing a meal. Alec seems to connect to the men in a way that was missing. Fans of Bianca Sommerland will definitely enjoy this and so will people new to her, I think.


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