Friday, November 30, 2018

Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Alpha's Forbidden Omega by Rebecca James #Excerpt #Giveaway


Cover Design: Sinfully Sweet Designs 


Alpha businessman Carter Christian knows he's somewhat of a recluse, but he likes living out in the country with only the rare visitor. When his best friend and business partner suddenly asks him to house  his omega son--a son Carter never even knew about-- for a short time, Carter is shocked, wary, and intrigued all at the same time.  Omegas are rare, and until then, Carter had never met one. For his friend, however, he's willing to do it, even though the act requires that Carter take rut suppressants for the duration of the omega's stay.
Nineteen-year-old omega Jackson is tired of being hidden away. His parents plan to mate him to some alpha he doesn't even know, and until then he has to stay with his father's best friend. He finds he doesn't mind the latter so much because Carter listens to him and even tries to help Jackson research omegas. But, all too soon, the time comes for Jackson to mate the strange alpha. Only he doesn't want that alpha--he wants the alpha he's been living with who treats him like a person rather than something to be owned. Jackson doesn't care that Carter's old enough to be his father, but Carter isn't willing to break his friend's trust. Learning his parents may have been right about a government conspiracy against omegas only makes things more complicated for the two men who seem destined to be kept apart.


I decided to go into the office. I needed to get out of the house. I told Herman to keep an eye on the boys, although I was sure the three omegas would be fine on their own. No one knew they were staying with me.
Vaughn seemed cheerful when I popped into his office to let him know I was there.
“Thanks again for the great meal yesterday,” he said.
“Don’t thank me, your son cooked it.”
Vaughn grinned wider. He seemed to be brimming with excitement. “He’s going to make a wonderful mate to Neil. I think he seemed pleased, don’t you?”
“Neil, of course.”
I couldn’t care less if Neil was pleased, but I nodded curtly. “I’m sure he was.”
“Is something wrong?”
Knowing I shouldn’t bring it up, I struggled for a moment before letting the words out. “I noticed a huge hickey on Jackson’s neck this morning.”
Vaughn frowned. “Okay. Well, he was in the library with Neil.”
“I thought Neil would be talking to Jackson, not mauling him.”
Vaughn leaned back in his chair. “They’re going to be mating soon. Elise and I expected a little hanky-panky to go on.”
Anger simmered low in my belly. “He certainly is taking advantage of the situation, isn’t he?”
“Yes, Neil.”
Vaughn studied me, and if I’d stopped a moment, I’d probably realize how odd I sounded, but I plowed on because something had taken hold of me. “I thought you and Elise chose him because he wasn’t out to exploit Jackson. Neil should be getting to know your son, who is an intelligent, wonderful person, but instead he’s all over the kid as soon as the door closes. He doesn’t seem to care about anything except getting into Jackson’s pants, and that was supposed to be what you and Elise were trying to avoid.”
Vaughn was quiet for a few beats, then finally said, “I see.”
“You see? You see what?” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I was so hung up on the subject but ever since I’d seen the mark on Jackson’s pale skin, I’d wanted to throttle someone.
Vaughn sat up and straightened the papers on his desk. “I’ll think about what you’ve said, Carter. Thank you for watching out for Jackson.”
Slightly appeased, I calmed a bit. “Okay, well. Sorry I got a little angry, but seeing that mark on Jackson…”
Vaughn raised his eyes to look at me, and I floundered before continuing.
“Well, it was jolting. I didn’t like thinking of the man sucking on Jackson’s neck that way.” I cleared my throat. “Not under my roof.”
“You do realize he’ll be doing a lot more than sucking on Jackson’s neck under your roof on their mating night, don’t you?”
I glared. “I just wanted to make sure you were informed. I’ll be in my office. I’m going to work there until lunch. Herman’s keeping an eye on Jackson and his friends, although I don’t think there’s a need. The house is completely secure.”
I stalked out of the office and shut the door, feeling half angry, half foolish.
What had that been about? Of course Neil had every right to run his vile lips all over Jackson—fuck, I was getting angrier.
Through the open blinds behind the glass walls of Vaughn’s office, I could see my friend on the phone, probably telling his wife how I’d wigged out about the hickey. I knew he didn’t know what to make of my behavior. I needed to get myself in control. It was just a hickey, not a fucking tattoo like Elise had marked Vaughn with. Jackson wasn’t Neil’s. Not yet.

I've always loved to write and have written since I was a child, usually to entertain my family. I enjoy writing m/m romance because there's nothing hotter than two men in a loving relationship. I write contemporary romance but am not limited to that. I enjoy writing alpha/omega and vampire stories, and I wouldn't rule other things out. I'm very prolific, so look for a lot of things to come!


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