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Blog Tour: Calling Calling Calling Me by Natasha Washington ~ #Excerpt #Giveaway

Calling Calling Calling Me by Natasha Washington

Publisher: Natasha Washington

Release Date: September 4, 2018

Subgenre: Contemporary Queer Romance/New Adult

Tropes/Themes: college romance, first time, fish out of water

Book Synopsis: Patrick Mahoney has one goal in mind: get out of his native Fresno and find freedom in the rainbow and glitter-painted streets of San Francisco. As a college freshman, he’s sure he’ll finally have the chance to be himself, away from the judgmental eyes of his conservative hometown.
Josh Dirda’s never wanted to be tied down before, preferring the emotional ease of the one night stand. But when Patrick moves into the apartment that Josh shares with three friends, Josh is caught up in Patrick’s sly wit and quietly creative spirit. As Patrick’s self-appointed tour guide, Josh can be Patrick’s introduction to the city he loves. But after a drunken Halloween hook-up crosses lines, Patrick and Josh must reckon with their true feelings—and decide whether they can let go of the ghosts that haunt them.

Excerpt of Calling Calling Calling Me by Natasha Washington

“You write a lot of songs for girls?” Patrick said.
He hadn’t actually meant to say that, and it came out a bit…sharper than he’d intended. Josh’s fingers stopped moving on his stomach, and he sat up so he and Patrick were at eye-level.
“Not just girls,” Josh said.
Patrick got caught up in Josh’s eyes for a moment, their gold-green color, the way his eyelashes were so long and black.
He looked away first.
“I wish I could write songs,” Patrick murmured.
“You could totally write songs,” Josh said. “You write stories? Songs are stories too. With more music involved.”
Everything was so easy for Josh, Patrick realized. Everything was so possible.
Patrick wanted to say: I used to do musicals and plays because it was the only time I felt actually okay, like I wasn’t a total freak. I listen to songs sometimes and feel like maybe somebody out there might actually understand what I’ve been through. I’m pretty sure on more than one occasion, music saved my life. I think this might be something we have in common.
He wanted to say all of these things, but he didn’t. Yes, Josh was a writer and a theater person, like Patrick. But he was also a player who gets lots of ass, and the guy at the club making out with a random girl on the dance floor, and the guy who’d seduced goddess-Artemis at some party with a song.
Patrick pressed his lips together and dug his fingers into his palm and thought: You’re the new roommate from Fresno. Why would he ever be into you like that?
Josh’s eyes flicked away, down to Patrick’s bedspread and the floor and then up to the blank walls. He cleared his throat.
“You should put some stuff up,” Josh said. “Make yourself at home.”
Patrick let his eyes drag over his walls. He could put up the old posters he had from home, Dear Evan Hansen and The Avengers and BeyoncĂ©, but he thought he should find new ones instead.
“Yeah,” Patrick said, “I will.”
The air felt heavy. Josh ran a hand through his hair, then hopped off the bed.
“I better go,” Josh said. “It’s my turn for dinner, and I think all we have in the fridge is beer and string cheese.”
“That sounds like the makings of a nutritious meal,” Patrick said. “You’re creative, you’ll make it work.”
Josh smirked. “Yeah. Think I’d better make a Safeway run anyway.”
Patrick nodded, biting his lip.
“Say hi to Artemis for me,” Josh said. “Okay?”
Patrick nodded. Yes, I will be your messenger; yes, I like you, yes.
Everything about Josh made him want to say yes, yes to anything, yes to insanity and risk and anything, anything, because it would be with Josh and Josh was yes.
But Patrick knew he needed to learn how to say no, because maybe Josh was yes but he was also impossible and unreachable. Josh belonged to everybody, and people who belonged to everybody? They could never be yours.

About Natasha Washington: Natasha Washington lives in Philadelphia, where she writes queer love stories in both YA (as Sonia Belasco) and romance. She has spent much of her professional life working with young people as a mentor, tutor, or therapist. When not writing, she is likely cooking, taking long, meandering walks, or listening to dance music or 90s hip-hop.
Connect with Natasha: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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