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Random Review: Undone by Morgan Noel & R. Phoenix #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Morgan Noel & R. Phoenix
Title: Undone
Self Published
Publication Date: January 30, 2018
Length: 379 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Leandro is a capricious fae, and he has it all: a glamorous casino as his personal playground, more power than he knows what to do with, and Kol'tso, his pet incubus. When Kol'tso tries to push the boundaries of their relationship and provokes feelings in Bryce, a nosy detective, the arrangement becomes more and more complicated. Kol'tso soon finds out there is a high price to pay for angering one of the fae. He finds himself trapped between his nature as an incubus and his desire for freedom. Leandro and his personal security guard Gideon may just be the only obstacles standing between the incubus and everything he wants.

Undone portrays realistic themes of abuse and dubious consent. It also includes mature elements some readers may find unsettling.


I've been a fan of R.Phoenix for a while now. The darkness, intrigue, and at times taboo nature, always is done right when she's writing a story. Morgan Noel is new to this genre and is the co-author of Undone. I always like finding new authors and when they join forces with ones I already love it's exciting.

Undone is a log story but extremely fast paced. You literally lose track of time when you get into it and that is a wonderful thing. It's told in four POV's and I know that can be a turnoff for some people, myself included, it wasn't in this case. Only minor issue I had with it was sometimes it took me a paragraph into the chapter to realize who's POV I was in. But it wasn't often. I was so happy it wasn't head hoppy and each character was unique. Nothing worse than carbon copy characters. All four MC's: Kolt, Bryce, Leandro, and Gideon, were original and precise. I loved each of their journeys and how all of them circulated around Kolt... Even Kolt's himself.

The authors give fair warning to readers before purchasing this book that it's dark at times and there is dubious consent and abuse. I won't say I wasn't warned and, in my opinion, when warned you can't complain. I thought, while sad, those scenes were very well done and poignant to the story giving it just the right edge to the climax building.

What happens when a Fae, a Nephilim, and a human fall for an incubus? LOL sounds like the beginning of a joke but that, in a nutshell, is what this book is about. How three different natures fall in love with an incubus. All handle it differently but only one is the victor so to speak.

If I had one complaint it would be the rushed ending. For such a long book that was flawlessly done the ending threw me for a loop. I closed the book with questions I knew I shouldn't have. I can't state them in the review because it would absolutely be a huge spoiler but had it been slowed down and those 2 things addressed this book would be dang near perfect.

I do recommend this to those who love some dark fantasy with an HEA.


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