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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Let Me In by Luna David #Excerpt #Giveaway

Title: Let Me In
Series: The Boys Club Book 1
Release Date: Late March

Cover Artist: Morningstar Ashley


Twenty-year-old Liam Cavanagh works three dead-end-jobs to take care of his family. He’s been the sole breadwinner since he was fifteen and yearns for a life of his own. Forced to grow up too fast, he carries the burdens of responsibilities that shouldn’t be his, and it’s slowly destroying him. The more he tries to control, the more out of control he feels.

When he gets a hit on a personal ad he placed on The Boys Club app, he shrugs it off as impossible. With nearly 600 miles between him and “Boston Daddy” he knew the odds were against them. Until Boston Daddy’s current boy convinces him otherwise and persuades Liam to take on the role of Daddy’s new boy.

Saying forty-year-old entrepreneur Cash Moreau is having a bad week is an understatement. The man he’s been with for years leaves him for a new job, his own company is in crisis, and to top it all off, a young stranger shows up on his doorstep with all his worldly possessions, claiming to be his new boy. Liam wants a Daddy to depend on, and Cash refuses to believe he’s what’s best for Liam.

Despite their powerful connection, Cash finally pushes Liam away, and the beautiful boy who stole his heart disappears. Soon, Cash realizes what he’s let slip through his fingers. The elusive thing he’s been searching for is Liam, it’s only ever been Liam, and suddenly Cash will move heaven and earth to find what he’s lost. Will he find his boy in time to make things right, or is it too late to let him in?


I’m going to be much stricter with you. You will have a curfew, you will have very strict rules regarding what you can and cannot do when you are not with me. It sounds like that’s exactly what you need and I’m glad because it’s exactly what I need from you, as well.”

Liam sighed, feeling more content and confident with the direction they were heading the more they talked. They spent the next hour ironing out the contract; adjusting what they’d had and adding more. He was feeling better and he told Cash as much.

“I’ve always craved order and structure and have never had that at home, or at least not that I can ever remember. So, the more we add to my rules, the more structure we put in place, the better I feel. I don’t see the restrictions as a burden, I see them as an advantage.”

 He was still sitting on Daddy’s lap and enjoying every second of it. He’d settled his back against the arm of the sofa and had cuddled in as close as he could get to Cash. He held the contract for them both to see and made the adjustments to it as they talked, all the while Daddy was touching him, petting him, caressing him, massaging him and he was nearly blissed out from the amount of attention he was getting.

Cash looked at him and smiled. “You sound like you’re feeling more confident. I hope that’s the case.”

He smiled back and nodded. “Yeah. I am. The more restrictions you add, the better I feel. I guess it feels like a security blanket. I feel more confident in us, but also in how I’ll cope with everything from meeting new people to how I’ll handle stress at work.” He leaned in and kissed Cash. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, baby.”

He looked up at Cash, suddenly shy. “Speaking of which, when can I call you Daddy?”
“Anytime you want.”


Cash cradled Liam’s face in his hands and shook his head. “But, nothing. If you want to call me Daddy when I meet your boss, you call me Daddy. If you want to call me Daddy when we’re at a restaurant, you call me Daddy. If you want to call me Daddy when you meet my staff, you call me Daddy. That’s who I am to you and you can bet your ass I’ll be calling you baby, and boy whenever I feel like it. I don’t give a fuck about what society thinks about us and how we live our lives. All I care about is you feeling comfortable and confident with it, with us. You are my concern. Understood?”
He reached his own hands up and scratched his nails through Daddy’s beard and gave it a tug, drawing his face closer, knowing Cash loved when he did that. The smile on Daddy’s face before Liam kissed him gave Liam butterflies. God, he loved this man.

“Understood, Daddy.” He gave Cash a very serious look and asked, “If I ever run again, will you chase me?”

Cash gripped his chin, not so much that it would hurt, but hard enough to get his point across. “To the ends of the earth, baby. I’ll never let you go. But you better not run, boy. You won’t like the punishment you’ll get if you do.”

Liam’s heart squeezed at that, and he smiled, kissing Cash before giving him a devilish look and whispering, “In order to punish me, you’d have to catch me. So, you better run fast, old man!”
He hopped up and ran out of the room, looking behind him as he reached the door, the gobsmacked look on Daddy’s face was priceless. He giggled, feeling completely carefree, and ran off again as Daddy growled and got up to make chase.

As he rounded the huge dining table for a second time, his lungs already on fire from running back and forth through the labyrinth of rooms, he realized he hadn’t really thought the chase out first. He’d just run, hell for leather, away from Daddy, first going upstairs and then across the balcony to the other wing and back down through the kitchen to the dining room. Daddy hot on his heels.

He’d laughed more during the chase than he’d laughed in years and he’d squeaked and squealed like a little kid when he was almost caught, several times, which he’d deny if Cash dared poke fun. They were at a stalemate, at opposite ends of the table, both of them nearly out of breath, chests heaving, looney grins in their faces. “I’ll understand if you want to call a truce. You’re old and frail. I’m sure this is taking its toll on you.”

Cash’s eyes narrowed, just like he assumed they would, and just as he was about to reply with a smart-ass remark, Liam ran as fast as he could out of the dining room, across the foyer and behind the second staircase leading upstairs, down the hall past the library towards the basement stairs. He heard Daddy’s growl and pounding feet behind him. He put on a burst of speed and was down the curved staircase in seconds, running towards the pool before he realized he didn’t hear Cash close behind him.

In fact, he didn’t hear Cash at all. He got to the poolside and stopped, listening for the thump, thump, thump of Cash’s footsteps but heard nothing. His heart was beating like a drum and his breath was heaving. Wondering what the hell was taking Cash so long, he took a couple steps back the way he’d come to glance down the hallway towards the stairs when suddenly he found himself gripped tightly in Cash’s arms, sailing into the air, and flying into the deep end of the pool.
Well, shit.

He definitely didn’t let out a startled, high-pitched scream. Nope. That was his story, and he was sticking to it. 


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