Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Release Day Review: Riptide by Helena Maeve #Review #Giveaway

Author: Helena Maeve
Book: Riptide
Publisher: Pride Publishing 
Publication date: July 25, 2017
Length: 52 pages

Reviewed by Michael


Sometimes all that matters is being in the right place, at the right time.

Rami knows the storm should have killed him. Very much alive, though slightly waterlogged, he can’t shake the feeling that he didn’t survive on his own merits. He had help.

When a person of interest in the legal matter he’s been hired to untangle reveals a strong resemblance to the man who may have saved his life, venturing into uncharted waters becomes the least of Rami’s problems.

A loner living in the shadow of a once-great house, Malcolm is a hard man to pin down. His seemingly impossible feats of heroism have certainly saved lives, but the people of Envern, Maine, are only too eager to allege he had something to do with his employer’s death. Leading a secretive existence under a cloud of suspicion should scupper Malcolm’s appeal, but Rami has secrets of his own and his relationship with danger has always been complicated.

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Riptide is a number of things, all wrapped into one short story.  It’s equal parts mystery and legal drama, with a splash of romance mixed with super powers.

Rami has come to Envern, Maine to handle a legal matter.  It seems that the rich and powerful Mrs. Lynch wants to evict the enigmatic Malcolm from a secondary house on an island owned by her late husband.  She’s been unable to do so due to some complex legal reasons, and has hired Rami’s firm to not only untangle the mess, but also to rid herself of Malcolm once and for all. 

When writing romance, there are two things you need to develop:  your characters, and their relationship.  Given the fact that this is a short story, there’s an enormous amount of character development where Rami is concerned.  He has problems, and although you don’t know where they stem from, you get the sense that he’s been dealing with them for a very long time.

Minority representation is something that is sorely lacking in both the Romance genres as well as comics.  I was pleasantly surprised with Malcolm.  He’s enigmatic to the townsfolk of Envern, as well as the reader.  

The story itself is well written, with enough twists and turns to keep you interested, but Rami and Malcolm didn’t seem to have a lot of chemistry.  I can’t help but wonder if format hampered it in some way.  Perhaps if it were longer in length, not only would there be more character development, but you would see the relationship build.


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