Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Release Day Review... Stranger in Black by Devon Rhodes #Review #Giveaway

Author: Devon Rhodes
Book: Stranger in Black~ 2nd edition
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: August 10, 2016
Length: 76 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Before Christian can end his relationship with a closeted cheater, he needs to see the evidence firsthand. He disguises himself and attends a masquerade ball escorted by a friend, in search of the Stranger in Black. When he finds him, he gets something entirely different—and much more erotic—than he expected.

Wearing a black-and-gold mask, Jarrod is on the hunt for Chris, the “other woman” his best friend’s fiancĂ© is having an affair with. But a sexy vision in a white gown captures his attention and takes his breath away, which is strange, since he’s gay.

One by one, the pieces fall away, exposing their dual deception. After the masks—and the pants—are off, Christian and Jarrod must work together to support a friend… and maybe become something more than strangers.

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I loved the concept of this story when I first read up on it and couldn’t wait to read it!

We have Christian who has recently found out that the second-chance love story that he thought he was having was all a fantasy since Carl has been cheating on him...with a woman! I loved Christian! He was the perfect amount of strength and vulnerability that both makes you proud of what he is willing to go through to get the closer he knows he needs to move on and  he makes you want to hug him because he is such a good guy.

Jarrod was the best friend of the other one Carl has been cheating on and of course like any good best friend he stands by her side and helps her catch this “Chris” that her man has been involved with. Which let me tell you leads to one HOT mistaken-identity encounter that you might need to pull out your fan for.

We have cross-dressing costumes, mistaken identity HOTNESS, romance, low amounts of angst, and the “bad” gets what he deserves in the end. Even though you do feel bad for him in regards to his own personal struggle that he is going through you just hate that he had to hurt people on his journey.

This story doesn't fall into that trap that some novellas do with characters that are not developed enough. In my opinion Devon did an excellent job creating that all important character/reader connection that allows us to want to finish it to the end and gets us to care about them as well. There was even a cute secondary romance of the secondary characters which I thought was totally adorable!

Since I know some people are screaming “But what about the cheating?” I can tell you it was handled very nicely and although it was part of the story for these characters it wasn’t harped on or over dramatized.

I have never read one of Devon Rhodes stories before but I will be checking them out now! 


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