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Random Reviews... Vanquished Knight by Yamila Abraham #Review #Giveaway

Author: Yamila Abraham
Book: Vanquished Knight
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Publication date: February 17, 2014
Length: 82 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


A debauched dragon king subjugates a chaste knight who has volunteered to be his willing captive.

King Caine and his councilor Randell are owed a debt by the mortal king ruling in the land above them. When Caine sees the knight Jonah he’s stricken by his beauty and innocence—and then senses something even more compelling about him. Jonah surprises everyone by accepting his fate as Caine’s sacrifice. He willingly descends to Darkhelm to be used as the king and his councilor see fit.

An erotic BDSM medieval fantasy with a romantic twist!


This is the first book of Yamilla’s that I’ve read. It’s a dark erotic fantasy novella. This takes place in a different realm. Demons, Gods, and Mortals. From what I can tell, if demons are called in to help mortals they demand payment. When Jonah’s sister is taken as payment he goes to rescue her… only it was Jonah the King wanted all along. 

This is a ménage in all the ways between the King, Randell, and Jonah. That was a pleasant surprise. Since I adore ménage.  

It had a decent plot, one that will hopefully be  expanded through other books if this is in fact a series. It felt slightly rushed in places where I think it should have calmed and taken it’s time. Some phrasing was odd to me and not my preference but that seemed to be part of the writer’s style and I quickly moved on from it.

It was entertaining and if there are more books in this series I’d be interested in seeing where these characters go.


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  1. I adore ménage too !! I really must read more of them. Great review !