Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Want to Push Back? Calling All #LGBTQ Authors

Many of you have read Kate Aaron and AJ Rose's  blog posts in regards to this rather spectacular event coming up on April 18th.

These days when people hear Indiana they cringe, they feel angry. When that pizza parlor received 1 million dollars through GoFundMe for refusing to serve pies to homosexuals it caused a HUGE stir!

Well the LGBTQ community has been making a lot of noise and Kate, AJ, and myself want to make a little more.

Over 140 authors have already signed on for our LGBTQ Event "The Push Back LGBTQ Giveaway" and we want to extend an invitation to those who haven't heard about it yet.

Are you an M/M author and you want to help? Fabulous! Here's what we need. We’d like to give something back to the people who are always giving back, we’d like to offer them a small token of thanks. We’d like to offer anyone who donates $5 to an LGBT charity of their choice, or shares a charity’s links and spreads the message, the chance to win an ebook.

Authors, will you help? Simply contact me ( diversereader (at) yahoo (dot) com ) Kate Aaron, (author at kateaaron dot com), or  AJ Rose (ajrosefiction at gmail dot com) Let us know if you're in!!!

Now, we’ve been contacted by some of the review site owners about adding in a gift card for the cost of a single book as incentive as well, and I’d like to say that’s awesome, if those sites are willing to do so. You’ll be emailed just as an author would to handle transfer of the prize to the winner, but we’d like to keep it to the cost of a book per gift card, so as to avoid a sort of lottery situation. Money for donations gets into potential legalities I’m not sure would help the cause.

We need to hear back by April 11th! No later please. This takes time to organize and there are A LOT of kind hearts out there!

The post will be up on April 18th and the giveaway will run until May 1st. ON THIS BLOG. You can subscribe by email, follow by G+, Facebook, or Twitter.

We are pushing back. You want in?

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