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Author Saturday Spotlight: Felice Stevens *Interview & Giveaway*

Felice Stevens came out of the gate with lights flashing and a loud talent. I saw, I heard, I loved! Seriously, Felice is an instant buy for me. When I read Rescued I knew she was one to look for. Then there was A Walk Through Fire that sealed the deal for me. She's an emotional writer and that is one of my favorite kind.

With two published books and more on the way, Felice Steven's is one to check out.

Ryder Daniels has spent the last year recovering from rejection: his parents couldn’t accept his sexuality and his lover chose drugs over his love. The only bright lights in his life are his younger brother and his rescued pit bull. But now his mother's punishment for his lifestyle has cut him off from his brother he loves so deeply. Devastated, he throws himself into the work of the Pit Bull Foundation he and his friends started.

Jason Mallory can no longer hide the dissatisfaction of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend. When her marriage ultimatum pushes him to break things off, he's determined not to jump into the dating scene. But when a group of injured pit bulls are found on his construction site, he can’t forget the guy who shows up to help.

After Jason adopts one of the dogs, he and Ryder become fast friends—until one night, Ryder lets down his guard and Jason recognizes his desire. Soon, they can’t deny the passion between them but will family differences and ugly prejudices keep them apart, or can they fight to prove that love is precious, no matter the flavor?

A Walk Through Fire:
Years after running away from an abusive foster family, Asher Davis still struggles with the guilt of leaving his foster brothers behind. He’s climbed to unimaginable heights as a ruthless, high-powered attorney, creating a life of power and control. He takes whatever and whoever he wants.

Blaming himself for the death of his parents, Dr. Drew Klein retreats into a shell of loneliness, merely going through the motions of life. After a disastrous, short-lived marriage, Drew decides to leave his lucrative medical practice to set up a clinic for abused young men and women. The decision has more repercussions than Drew could ever imagine when the dark and sensual Ash Davis volunteers to help.

Although Drew isn’t gay, Ash is inexplicably drawn to him. He vows to simply bed him and forget him like he's done with every other man. However, Drew's sweet and caring nature and unexpected passion both stun and frighten Ash, who questions his right to any happiness at all. And when Ash befriends an abused young man who unwittingly draws the clinic into danger, threatening Drew’s safety and that of his beloved grandmother, Ash discovers that there is nothing he won’t sacrifice to protect the love he never thought he’d find.

You can purchase both of these books on LooseIDAMAZON , and ARe 

   Was Rescued the first novel you ever published, or at least in this genre? How has the experience been?

Yes, Rescued was the first novel I ever published. I originally started writing Regency romances and still have three full books waiting to be self-published.

A Walk Through Fire screams sequel and you've stated many places there will be. Can you tell us, maybe, a little about what's in store for this series?

Certainly. It was always intended to be a three book series; one book for each brother. So the next book is Luke’s, entitled  “After the Fire.” I’m working on Brandon’s book now, which will tie up everyone’s stories.

Writing, editing, all that jazz is very stressful. How do you cope? What do you do to enhance the calm?

It is, and then working full time makes it doubly stressful. It may not sound nice, but I’m lucky that when I get home, my husband is at work for another 3-4 hours, so I get a chance to decompress, have a glass of wine and chat on line with  my friends. I have only my son at home now, so we talk about his day if he’s home and if I’m really lucky, I’ll sometimes stop off on my way home and get my nails done.

  Have you attended any author conferences or do you plan to in the future?

I attended RT last year and really enjoyed it. I met so many people I didn’t know, but now “see” on line, and attended some panels. I can’t go this year, because my daughter is graduating college two days afterwards, but I plan on attending RWA, as it’s in NYC and my first GRL, which I’m very excited about.

   What made you choose to write Gay romance?

I don’t know if I chose it or it chose me. I started reading it one day and never looked back. Then one day I was walking home from work and the entire story of Rescued popped into my head, names, scenes, everything. I went home and started writing.

   How do you celebrate a book release?

Well for my first one I was on a plane coming home from a vacation. The second one I was at work. For both I had a nice glass of wine.

   Is there a topic you would never write about, if so what?

Incest. It’s just me, but I don’t like reading it. And Pedophilia. Not doing it, no.

   Can you tell us about your future projects?

The second book in the series, After the Fire, will be released on February 24, 2015. I am dipping my toes into the self publishing waters with a book that’s very special to me. Memories of the Heart deals with dementia and Alzheimer’s. My mother suffered from it to a degree and there are two elderly ladies in the book who are based on her. Brandon’s story will hopefully come out in the spring sometime.

Then I have other plans….

   How do you deal with reviews in general, good and bad?

I’m so thrilled that people want to read my book, I still can’t believe it! I appreciate people who take the time to tell me, in a constructive way, what didn’t work for them in my book. But I’m not going to lie, its nice to read good reviews but I don’t let it get to me if they’re bad. 

How can your fans follow you through social media?

I’m usually on line, through my phone and on FB:

Felice has a great giveaway for you all today. One fan has a chance to win A Walk Through Fire!!! It was an amazing book so if you haven't read it you should!

The contest will run until January 2nd. Winner will be emailed so be sure to check your spam. Thank you all and thank you Felice for being with us today and for your giveaway!



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