Monday, August 3, 2020

Series Review: Angel Hills Pack by Rebecca James #Review #Giveaway

Angel Hills Pack Series
By Rebecca James
Book 1: Omega Arrival
Book 2: Ripples of Threat
Book 3: Winter's End


Omega Arrival by Rebecca James

Angel Hills #1


Gabriel, Ian, and Grey - Justin and Milo


Oh my, I loved this story so hard. Alpha’s, beta’s, omega’s, pups, scents, biting, claiming, dedication, submission, pregnancies, infertility, some angst, and a lot of sexiness and love.


We go on a journey with the Angel Hills pack. After the pack lost all their omegas because of a plague, they accepted seven members of the Silver pack, among them five omegas. An omega twin who really wanted to stay together, Justin with four pups, one omega who already made his choice at first sight and a shy withdrawn omega called Gabriel. They come from a bad place where Justin was mated with an awful cruel alpha. Luckily he was put down in a fight.


To be properly included in the pack they will have to mate. That’s easier said than done.

Grey, the alpha of the pack, already has a mate, beta Ian. They love each other deeply.

Still, they want a third. Their eyes are on Gabriel. Milo, Grey’s right hand, was already smitten with omega Justin and can only hope it’s true what the omega’s eyes tell him.


This story, from the first page, was captivating and intriguing. Alpha’s circling omegas, betas circling alpha’s, all so delicious!

There are varied events, misunderstandings, delightful courting, omegas in heat, oh boy... Also omegas in danger from an unexpected side. This, all together, made it an eventful narrative. I loved every part of it. I loved every character, except one!



Ripples of Threat by Rebecca James

Angel Hills #2


Seamlessly this story continues. The way the chapters alternate between all the characters was excellently done. The focus was on several couples and their dynamics, all completely different from each other. Except for one similarity, because werewolves are sexual beings! So the physical connection is main in this series. I loved the clear and uncomplicated atmosphere about it.

The Pack is strong and committed. It doesn’t matter what plays, fights, jealousy, heats, pregnancy, secrets, they are there for each other. I felt connected with all the characters.


The claiming and marking, the sexual activity during a heat, the awesome amount of hurt, every aspect was well thought out. It all made sense, largely because of the plausible timeline and way of writing.

The ultimate claiming act was the best, it was everything!

Book 1 was already great, I think book 2 was maybe even better.





Winter’s End by Rebecca James

Angel Hiils #3


I’ll start saying this was absolutely a delightful series. It felt whole, with an amazingly positive vibe. Every character had a clear place and voice. I felt deeply involved with every family.


Grey shows to be a consistently good pack leader. His decisions to combine alpha’s and omega are just great even where I had my questions. He was loyal and kind, forgiving, and honest. His mates were everything to him.

After following the pack through this series I desperately needed some couples together and thank goodness I wasn’t disappointed!

There are a lot of pregnancies and pups and oh boy it was all fun.

New pack members were welcomed and some were leaving, whatever it was it felt good and natural. The series had a good proportion of hurt/comfort, a lot of, read: a-lot-of delicious sexual activity, with the most engaging characters. I fell in love with this pack, with all its flaws, from first sight! They were dedicated and committed just like a good pack should be.

The whole series was wonderfully written, enormously captivating, I couldn’t stop reading.

Did I like it, YES! Did I want it to end NO! But I know it had to stop at some point and the time of ending was perfect, I couldn’t wish better!


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