Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Release Review: The Ghost and Charlie Muir by Felice Stevens #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Ghost and Charlie Muir
Author: Felice Stevens
Self Published
Release Date: August 13, 2020
Length: 328 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Bad enough the big old house Charlie Muir inherits is next door to Ian Gregg, the most gorgeous guy he’s ever seen—it also happens to be occupied by Rachel, the ghost who keeps running off his dates. It’s impossible to get any loving when the bed starts shaking…and not because you’re having fun in it.
When Ian helps Charlie search for the source of strange noises in his house, they stumble upon a stack of photographs hiding century-old secrets. Curious of the friendship between the two men pictured, Charlie and Ian set off to solve the mystery of their relationship. With the help of the meddling ghost, a magical mirror, and a way too Smart TV, they find answers…and more.
And as things heat up between Charlie and Ian, they begin to wonder if Rachel's meddling has gone too far.
Doesn’t Rachel know Ian is straight?
Or is he?
That kiss they shared the other night sure didn't seem like it.
Or the one after that…


What a precious story, I loved it dearly!

What do you do with an inherited estate at Willow Place, Brooklyn, where a ghost lives?
The estate pulled Charlie in from first sight… or was it the other way.

Entering the house at Willow Place for the first time was already the experience of his life. The house has preferences about his visitors and a story to tell.

Ian Gregg, Charlie’s neighbor, is one of the visitors the house allowed to enter.
When strange things happen right away, they both want to figure out what’s going on.
Ian helps Charlie with the roof and upper rooms when they find a box, without a key.
After opening it they find a stack of photographs and there is a story, about two men, from a century ago. The universe is pushing Charlie and Ian to a point where they have to be together. Interactions with other persons seem impossible.
The ghost named Rachel wants them to work together and reveal something important, for them and her.

On their journey, we get to know Charlie and Ian. Dear Charlie, his heartbreaking past made me so intensely sad, hopping through the foster care system, never long at one place, no friends, never enough, lonely. He has an awesome job, so Charlie-ish.
Ian was overwhelmed by his feelings for Charlie, Ian's inner struggle was palpable, his fight and surrendering was beautifully pictured.


It seems a simple word, happiness, only it’s huge, the most important feeling that rises above all. That one word shows that then and even a century later it still isn’t simple to gain happiness and love the one you want.
I found this such a beautifully layered narrative, widely developed, with the kindest personalities and quite an extraordinary plot. Every part fits organically in the whole picture.
The writing is amazingly done, entertaining with just the right weight on the issues.
The author put such a subtle sense of humor in this story, more than lovely!
I can’t say it enough, it was just wonderful! Every little detail was exclusive I loved every part of this story, the past, the present, and the future.

Highly recommended!


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