Monday, July 27, 2020

New Release Review: Molten by Pelaam #Review #Giveaway

Title: Molten
Rules of Summer Collection
Author: Pelaam
Publisher: Pride Publishing 
Publication date: July 21, 2020
Length: 67 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


When it comes to fun in the sun, Steve and Jeff are burning hot.

Steve Anderson is a sommelier and the owner of a successful restaurant, although he prefers to keep that titbit to himself and a select circle of close friends. His orthopaedic surgeon husband Jeff is equally successful in his chosen profession. However, they play as hard as they work, and not only is Jeff a beloved husband, but he’s also a precious sub.

When they’re invited to a summer barbeque aboard a friend’s yacht, they don’t hesitate to accept. The theme is ‘a life on the ocean wave’, but Steve has very particular ideas about costumes…and the kind of fun they’ll have. For the couple, a pirate captain and his naïve captive will take on a whole new dimension for playing out a scene.

However, when someone tries to come between the Dom and his sub, they quickly learn their mistake, leaving Steve to show Jeff just who he belongs to.

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Steve is nothing if not inventive when it comes to his husband and sub, Jeff, and their sex life. He has to be what with their different schedules. With Steve busy as the owner of a restaurant and Jeff as an on call orthopedic surgeon, they snatch moments when they can—often in an unused closet of the hospital. Still they make it work and life is good—until an old acquaintance of Jeff’s shows up at the hospital and sets out to ruin his reputation and marriage.

In many ways I wish Pelaam had stuck to just the relationship between Steve and Jeff and their onboard escapades at the costume party in the short story, Molten. The side event between Jeff and an old nemesis was, at best, a distraction and presented Steve as very arrogant—something that fits with his Dom status if he and Jeff are at play but not a great trait in real life. Still I cannot deny the set up at the party and their relationship overall is highly erotic and fun to watch. There is no denying the smoldering chemistry between these two men and their genuine love for each other. The clever back and forth as the characters they go to at the party is done so well and with a lot of tongue in cheek humor. The reading audience is in on the set up from the beginning making it even more fun as others are completely unaware of their game and the many ways Steve has prepared Jeff to keep him on edge sexually.

For a quick short story featuring a loving relationship that is a nice representation of the D/s lifestyle I think Molten hits it out of the park. It is a sexy fantasy come to life and who could not enjoy that!


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