Thursday, October 25, 2018

Random Review: Lincoln's Park by Parker Williams #Review #Giveaway

Author: Parker Williams
Title: Lincoln's Park
Series: Links In The Chains #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publication Date: October 16, 2018
Length: 244 pages

Reviewed by Racheal


A Links In the Chain Story

Lincoln Merriweather was born an entitled brat with a silver spoon lodged so deep, it might never have come out. At the BDSM club or in business, Lincoln was a storm, blowing in and disrupting the lives of everyone he touched, until the day he met a man who peeled away the tarnished layers to expose a decent person.

Lincoln found—then lost—love.

Since then, he’s tried to atone for his past, including walking away from his family’s wealth. He opened a diner, hiring people to work for him that he would have spit on before his epiphany. He’s found peace, which he’s about to lose to a hazel-eyed man.

Noel Simmons wound up on the street when his parents discovered he was gay. His path leads him to Lincoln’s diner, where he asks for a job. He’s thrilled when Lincoln agrees to hire him, but finds his new boss perplexing. Can anyone be this kind and decent?

What starts out as business becomes something more. Noel discovers he needs Lincoln in order to feel safe. Lincoln needs Noel to complete him. But when Lincoln’s past gets in the way of his present, will the two have a future?

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First I have to say that I am rather disappointed with myself for never reading a book from this amazing author! Parker William's is definitely a new author to me that I will make sure to read more of.

The story starts off with his main character Lincoln. A hard working owner of a restaurant. At first glance some people would probably never know the wealth that Lincoln was once accustomed to. I think for many, it's hard to believe that a person who once had so much wealth would give that up. But as the saying goes "sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side." 

Noel then enters his life. Comes into the restaurant, looking unsure at first as he asked if he is hiring and then quickly admits that he is a hard worker and would do anything at all. It's easy to see by how the author describes Noel that he has had a hard life but he is also willing to do what it takes to be able to get on his feet. With just that one meeting Lincoln sees something in Noel and he suddenly feels the need to help him but also protect him.

What I absolutely loved about this book was that there was no rush between these two characters. I liked seeing the slow build up between them. 

This was a fantastic read and cannot wait to see what the author has in store next.


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