Monday, October 8, 2018

Random Review: 2230: The Perfect Year by CM Corett #Review #Giveaway

Author: CM Corett
Title: 2230: The Perfect Year
Publisher: NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Publication Date: August 6, 2018
Length: 30,600 words

Reviewed by Jenn


Alex Coulson spends his days as a lowly laboratory assistant. At night, he watches movies in his lonely apartment and dreams of exciting adventures and handsome leading men.

When an electrical fire breaks out in the lab, an experimental machine malfunctions and Alex is caught in the explosion. He awakens, injured and confused, to learn he has traveled two hundred years into the future—to the year 2230. Under the care of the gorgeous Doctor Baylin Davies (a definite contender for a leading man) Alex recovers quickly, and his feelings for Baylin deepen each day. Baylin is handsome, sexy, caring, and a verified genius—everything Alex could ever dream of. Add in the whole concept of living in the future, and Alex soon decides the year 2230 is the perfect year to begin his new life.

But then there’s the major…

Whenever the intimidating military man, Major Marcais, is near, a strange power overcomes Alex’s senses, clouding his mind and weakening his desire to be with Baylin.

When the major reveals he is an alien and declares Alex to be his life mate, Alex must find the strength to resist him. And while fighting for the man he truly desires, Alex just might discover he’s the leading man in his own adventure.

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What if you woke up two hundred years into the future and found yourself feeling like maybe you were just where you always belonged? 

Alex Coulson is a laboratory assistant and not one that is very appreciated. His nights are spent watching movies and dreaming of a more  exciting life, little does he know, his wish is about to come true. An electrical fire breaks out in the lab, an experimental machine malfunctions and Alex is caught in the explosive! Instead of the sure death he would expect, he awakens injured and confused and...200 years in the future!  He is flustered and attracted to the handsome doctor taking care of him. Dr. McDreamy has nothing on Dr. Baylin Davies! Lol!  Dr. Davies is more than just a pretty face, he is a certifiable genius and a very caring man...the type of man Alex was beginning to think didn’t exist anymore. Instead of freaking out as most of us would, Alex decides that with Baylin by his side, starting fresh in the future is just what he wants to do. Until he meets the Major.

Major Marcais is everything Alex doesn’t want in a man, he is bossy, intimidating and domineering. But for some reason when the man is around he causes Alex to have a strange reaction towards him. When the Major reveals himself to be an alias and Alex’s life mate, it doesn’t go over well. Alex must find the strength and the courage to be his own man and make his own choices. This is a position Alex ever thought he’d find himself in. Baylin is perfect for him, in every way. Why did the Major have to show up and throw a wrench in what seemed like the life he came 200 years into the future for? Now, this is a novella so there is a lot of insta attractions/love and not a lot of time to develop these characters or the story line, but I think the author does a fairly good job in the short amount of pages to let us get to know these characters. To ask ourselvesd o we follow our hearts or that which has been predetermined for us? I also want to point out how readily Alex accepts his new life, on one hand I found it crazy and the other, I found it....endearing? When you’re so unhappy in one place and offered another chance somewhere else, some other time, would you take it?

The issue I had is it's just too short to really ever fully develop. The author had a pretty cool idea, I wish they’d gone full length. Having said that though, the writing is really good. If this had been a full length novel, I bet the author would have gotten all the stars.


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