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Random Review: Just Like Honey by Ajax Bell #Review #Giveaway

Author: Ajax Bell
Title: Just Like Honey
A Queen City Boys Book
Publisher: Jugum Press
Publication Date: December 15, 2017
Length: 354 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Can He Paint His Muse into 36 Views of Seattle?

Artist Ryan Ikeda’s domestic bliss shatters after an invitation to join a career-launching gallery show in 1990s Seattle. His artistic uncertainty and secret desires, dangerous as turpentine and flame, threaten to torch his bond with Ben, his handsome boyfriend and muse.

Suddenly, instability rocks every aspect of Ryan’s life: his grandmother’s sinking health, his friends moving on to new jobs, even his apartment is endangered. Worst of all, Ben’s work demands more time away from home, the overload of changes jeopardizing the stability of their open relationship.

Ryan’s long-time friends advise him to jump headlong in to the colorful Seattle art scene. However, Ryan’s deep examination of his creative needs outline new demands for his life with Ben. Striving for both balance and success, Ryan faces the greatest risks of his personal and professional life.

Just Like Honey peeks inside working artists’ studios, cruises the 1990s Seattle bar scene, and eavesdrops on artists gossiping about their competitors at hot gallery shows, while Ryan and Ben explore the communication and tenderness required for a deep, open relationship.


The difficulties of a relationship are the main story here but there is so much more.... art, culture, friends, and families.

Their relationship isn't going well... more of a nose dive. No space or time to spend together, desperately trying to stick together but more of a feeling that they were slowly drifting apart. 
They always had an open relationship, room for a third but somehow Ryan wants Ben to be his submissive but he’s so afraid to open up. Bad and traumatic memories stop him, and
there is a lot of flirting with other men. The threesome(s) were splendidly done; very sensual, steamy, intense and the afterglow when they were with just the two of them....sigh.

They have different views on life especially with Ryan's art making it hard. They communicate laboriously...They have to find a way to compromise or else it will never work and are destined to be apart.

The pressure is almost not bearable for Ryan, he has to expose his art and he is so not ready. Never enough, never exposing exactly what he wants to expose.

Seeing Ryan work with his art was just breathtaking I could visualize every stroke. How he wandered through his mind and how he visualized his muse.
His art is almost a bliss and a curse.

The heartbreaking moment when Ryan comes to terms with his anxieties about his artistic qualities, hearing an immense important fact from a big name in the art world. I sniffed some tears away because I felt his walls crumble.

The growth of both men in this relationship is wonderfully done!
Ben flaying Ryan bit by bit, necessary and required because if he didn’t he would stay closed.
Ryan’s need to dominate Ben in a way Ben will never leave him is somewhat desperate.
By assuming things instead of communicating, they both make the wrong decisions. Even if it's because they want the other to be happy. 

When they are finally on the same track it's just breathtaking, heavily emotional and intense. The switch in Ryan was illuminating and liberating you could feel it on every page.
Ryan has a wonderful personality and Ben ahhh Ben with his unconditional love for Ryan. Both men are outstanding in this story! Together in the bedroom was almost art, intense and emotional. I devoured every move, touch, and command.

This is an amazingly written story with a lot of details described: lots of art, streets, buildings, parks, fashion. There are many friends, exes, and family members in this story and everyone has a purpose, with all the different cultures beautiful fused together.

The road in this story is wide and there are many turns but they all lead to the main path. Ryan and Ben beside each other on their journey.

It was a hard but constructive road and I loved every inch!!


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