Monday, July 20, 2015

Promo Post: BOSS by Ashley John #Review #Giveaway

By Ashley John
334 Pages
Standalone Gay Romance


After years of travelling the world using his trust fund, college-dropout Joshua Silverton returns to London to discover two shocking truths: his estranged and wealthy father has been dead for over a year and he left his fortune to a total stranger. Joshua soon meets the man who stole his inheritance and even though he expects to hate Ezra Steele, he can’t ignore the strange attraction he suddenly feels towards him.

Bill Silverton saved Ezra Steele from his troubled past when he signed Silverton Tower over to him on his deathbed. Ezra now has the house, the business, the cars, the money and a different man in his bed every night. It’s a life he wants to cling to, so when Bill’s gorgeous son unexpectedly turns up and demands he hand everything back, his life is turned upside down in more ways than one.

A need to finally prove himself to his dead father forces Joshua to challenge Ezra but will he be able to ignore the attraction in order to be ruthless? Ezra tries to keep his enemies close by getting Joshua into his bed but as history catches up with him, he is forced to face himself. They are both running from their past, so in a battle between head and heart, Joshua and Ezra must choose what is more important – money or each other.

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I’m a sucker for corporate romance books! This one was quite intriguing. Very intriguing actually. We have hot, rich, playboy, CEO Ezra and Hipster, thinks he’s rich, super-hot Joshua. It’s like oil and fire with these two.
Boss is more than a corporate romance. It’s an emotional ride up that ladder and the characters are not living it up without serious issues! We always assume we know “types” of people just by looking at them but they often wear a mask to cover their identity. Sometimes it’s because of shame, or fear, or sadness. Sometimes it’s all of the above. No one is perfect in this book, no matter how many times they want you to think it.
Ezra and Joshua try so hard to hate each other in this story and they end up closer than ever. I rolled my eyes at them, giggled, and KNEW they were screwed! I loved every second of the back and forth.
There were a few nail biting moments, some tears were shed. It was a story of pasts colliding with the present and affecting the future.
Awesome read!

 About the Author

Ashley John lives in the North of England with his fiancé Reece, and his two cats, Jinx and Jeremy. Ashley is a lover of love and a lover of life, and that's why he writes Romance novels. He's a sucker for a gripping love story. His characters are fighters, strong and complex, and they'll do anything to get the happy endings they deserve (and there is usually tears and heartache along the way!). Ashley is best known for his best selling Surf Bay series. When Ashley isn't writing, he uses his creativity to paint and draw, and when he's not being creative, he's usually taking a nap.


Ashley John will gift one person an ebook copy of BOSS. Simply fill out the rafflecopter below. Contest will run until Saturday June 25th! Winner will be contacted via email so be sure to check your spam! Thank you to Ashley for an amazing book and your generosity! 
Good luck to you all and remember to always review what you read!

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  1. Gosh, I seem to be saying this a lot lately but what can I do, there are only so many hours in the day. I haven't read a book by Ashley John yet, and clearly that is something I have to remedy in the not too distant future. Thanks for a wonderful and very enticing post :)

  2. I have to confess I do have the "Surf Bay" books but I haven't read them yet I brought because they sounds so good but as usual so many books so little time!

  3. i enjoyed all the surf bay books so far

  4. I have the Surf Bay books, they are in queue to read. I have interacted with Ashley on Fb and he is a great guy. Love his blog posts. Look forward to reading all his books

  5. I'm sorry to say I don't have any of Ashley's books. :( I'm really just starting to really build my library. (Actually getting more than I can read. LOL ) I'm hearing good things and hope to be adding some soon. Thanks so much for a chance in the giveaway.

  6. I think Lost and Found has been my favorite so far <3

  7. I am new to Ashley's books. I remember hearing about the Surf Bay books, but haven't read those either.

  8. I have read and enjoyed the Surf Bay and the George & Harvey series, so I am really looking forward to reading The Boss, so thank you for a chance to win an ecopy :)