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Author Saturday Spotlight: Nic Starr #Interview #Giveaway

Nic Starr, author of Charlie's Hero, It's Not Easy, A Day at a Time, and many more amazing books is my author spotlight this Saturday. We're going to take a look at Nic's books, do a wonderful interview, and of course wrap it all up with a giveaway. Nic Starr's book 2 in her Heroes series, Andrew's Promise comes out soon as well so keep an eye out for that!

Schoolteacher Charlie Matthews returns to his hometown, looking to regain a sense of community, reconnect with friends, and settle down. It looks like his dreams have come true when paramedic Josh Campbell attends an accident at the school. It’s love at first sight, and a romance begins.

But Josh’s reluctance to come out to the brother who raised him, puts pressure on their fledgling relationship. While Charlie understands Josh’s concerns, he can’t help growing impatient. After all, Charlie came out years ago.

It’s not until Charlie confronts his own parents and realizes he hasn’t come to terms with their rejection that he fully understands what Josh has to lose. But Josh is Charlie’s hero, and Josh will do anything to prove to Charlie that to be part of a family, he doesn’t need his parents.

Ben Cooper gave up on following his dreams to keep the peace in his family. Best friend Spencer Henderson has always been Ben’s rock. For Spence, who is in love with Ben, supporting Ben always came first, but as Ben starts to date their friend Suzie, Spence has to think of himself for the first time. The ramifications of one fateful night means leaving their small town may be Spence's only option to protect his broken heart.

With trouble escalating at home and Spence out of reach, Ben finds it harder to cope. Without Spence's help, Ben's life may finally spiral out of control.

Sean Vargos is quiet, well respected, and dedicated to his job. But Dave Simpson sees Sean as more than a coworker. He's fought his attraction to Sean for months but can't get him out of his thoughts.

They tentatively embark on a relationship, but Sean isn’t all that he seems. He struggles to put his past behind him and overcome his fears.

Dave, with his good looks and open nature, accepts that sometimes Sean’s doubts get the better of him and he runs. Dave just wants the chance to show Sean he can be trusted and the past doesn't have to dictate their future.


Young mechanic Andrew Campbell’s life couldn’t be better. He is about to restore a Ford Mustang with his dad before heading off on the ultimate cross-country road trip with his best friend, Tanner McKenzie.

But tragedy strikes, and Andrew’s life is shattered. Worried his family will be torn apart if he doesn’t step in, Andrew makes a tough choice between following his heart and doing what he needs to do to protect his little brother.

When Andrew pushes Tanner away, Tanner heads off on the planned trip alone. Once Tanner leaves town, his life takes a different path and it’s ten years before he returns. Now a firefighter, he’s never forgotten his first love, and no one has ever taken Andrew’s place in his heart. He’s determined to see if Andrew feels the same way. He just hopes Andrew’s excited to see him, hopes that he’s available—and finally out—after all this time.

They might not have been ready to deal with emerging feelings years ago, but now might be the time for their second chance at love.


Thank you, Nic for being here today. I am so excited to have you here this week. I have a few questions for you and they are pretty much all over the place, but all circulate around you as a writer. I’m sure it will be fun. Let’s begin.

Thanks so much for asking me to visit your blog. I’m pleased to answer your questions but do take it easy on me! 

      I have to ask this first. SCOTUS… Same sex marriage is legal all through the United States of America. I know you’re from Australia and it doesn’t directly affect you but I’d love your thoughts on this? How did it make you feel?

The announcement generated mixed feelings. My initial reaction was jubilation. It was such a long time coming, and my heart filled with joy for the people directly impacted by this change, people who are now able to follow their hearts. It was wonderful to see people celebrating, but at the same time acknowledging there is still more to be done for true equality.
In terms of Australia, my feelings bounce between frustration and embarrassment or anger. How can we, the so-called lucky country, be so behind other countries in terms of same sex marriage? I’m angry at the stance of our government, but also hopeful for the future.  Surely, it can’t be too long now?

      Charlie’s Hero, I loved it as you know. Can you tell us how many books will be in this series and what we can expect throughout it?

I’m so glad you loved the story. At this stage there are four stories planned for the series. Each story focuses on main characters who put others before themselves and are heroes in their own way. Yes, there are paramedics and firemen, but there are also mechanics, schoolteachers, and office workers.
The second book in the Heroes series is Andrew’s Promise. Andrew is Josh’s brother and was introduced in Charlie’s Hero. Andrew made sacrifices for Josh, choices that not only influenced Josh’s life, but ultimately impacted on his own happiness. There is so much more to Andrew than meets the eye. Andrew’s Promise tells the story of the events that led to Andrew making the decisions that changed the direction of his life, and how he deals with a second chance at love.
Book three is Patrick’s Savior. The first books give a hint of a crush between Patrick and Josh’s co-worker, Simon. There’s also a glimpse of some of the challenges faced by Patrick. Patrick juggles job uncertainty plus harassment in his own home, leading him to share a house with Simon. However, moving out of his apartment hasn’t removed him from danger.
The fourth book is still in the early stages of planning. It is being written at the request of one of my beta readers who is desperate for Antonio’s story. You’ll get to know more about Antonio in Andrew’s Promise.
Finally, I had a reader contact me on my blog today. They’d love to hear more about Darren, the sweet and shy redhead who’s started his apprenticeship as a mechanic at Moffat’s. I’m sure I can find a happy ending for him. 

    What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the name of writing? 

I don’t think I’ve done anything too weird. I write in odd places – you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot. I watch gay porn for research which some of my friends might call weird. Oh, and I’ve snuck photos of cute guys for inspiration. Is that weird or just plain stalkerish? *wink*

             From the first book you’ve published to your most recent, how have you grown as a writer and what have you learned?

My writing has developed tremendously over the last 12 months. All those rounds of edits have provided so much feedback and learning, that I’ve been able to incorporate into my later stories. J I don’t think I’ll ever fully master the comma, and some of the nuances of grammar and punctuation (thank goodness for editors), but I’ve benefited enormously from a better understanding of how to craft a good story. Charlie’s Hero is my first novel length book and I think the improvements in my writing shine through.
I’ve also learned more about book marketing (although not the magic bullet for doing it successfully unfortunately – I’d be worth a fortune if I had that secret), and how to respond to critique of my writing.

          How do you feel in regards to warnings or triggers in books?

I don’t think you can or necessary should provide a warning for every potential scenario, but there are some key themes that I believe should be mentioned. Rape, suicide, self-harm. These are examples of serious triggers.  The reader should have the option to avoid these books if they choose, or decide to read them when they’re in the correct frame of mind.

         We know who Charlie’s Hero is, who’s yours?

Charlie’s Hero was dedicated to my husband. He’s my own personal hero. He loves me unconditionally and supports me in whatever I do. He’s my rock.

        Where in the world, if you could only pick one place, would you love to visit most and why?

That question is way too hard! So if I have to pick one place, I’ll keep it broad. Is that cheating? J

I’d love to visit Europe. I’m intrigued by the sense of history, the culture, and the food and wine. It would be a holiday filled with sightseeing, shopping, eating and drinking. I’d love to see places I’ve only read about or seen on television.

The main things preventing that dream from coming true are time, distance, and money. Australia is so far away from everywhere, you need to take a lot of time off work to make a long trip worthwhile – no quick jaunts for us. Plus the airfare costs are prohibitive. Therefore, for now, Europe will stay on the wish list.

         Can you tell us about your future projects?

Andrew’s Promise comes out next month around the 12th August, followed by More Than a Friend, the second in my More Than series, in October/November. More Than a Friend is a friends to lovers story, where the developing relationship between Scott and Tim is complicated by the fact Scott is the little brother of Tim’s best friend.
Rustic Melody is my first novel set in Australia. It tells the story of a city boy, with a love of music and some important life decisions to make, who meets a country boy with lots of responsibilities. What starts as a hook up for Adam and Joey, at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, soon progresses into something more. The schedule is being finalized by Rustic Melody should be out before the end of the year.
In terms of work in progress, I’m currently writing a couple of stories. One is a Christmas short, the other a novel. The novel—Pay it Forward—focuses on a young man with a heart of gold. Bailey helps street kids, although soon finds he needs help himself. Tom has a problem with alcohol. He is on a mission to prove he can put his past behind him and make something of his life. It takes Bailey to show Tom that success isn’t measured by whether his business is a success and whether he can make it on his own.

        How can your fans, and readers follow your career? Twitter, FB, Tumblr, Website etc…

I’ll be in San Diego in October for GRL and I’d love readers to come and have a chat. It’ll be one of the few chances I’ll have to meet readers in person and I’m really looking forward to it. For those who can’t make GRL, I’d love to say hi on social media.

Website & Blog:

Okay thank you so much, Nic! This has been a lot of fun!

Thanks for having me!


Nic Starr will gift one person an ebook copy of Charlie's Hero. Contest will run until July 17th. Winner will be emailed so please check your spam.
I want to thank Nic for being here today, sharing awesome goodies. Make sure to check out her work and always review! It matters.

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