Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let it Go by Sid Love *Promo, Review, & Giveaway*

Author Sid Love
Publisher Creative Minds
Publication Date December 31, 2014
72 Pages
"Everyone tells me to stay away from him. But if only I knew how to resist him…"

Goa isn’t supposed to be on Damon O'Neil's list of places to stay while working in India. It's merely a substitute for his planned trip to visit his sister in Paris for Christmas and the New Year. His boss had other ideas. He's sent Damon to carry out urgent upgrades to the company's offshore units and Damon can't say no.

When Damon encounters an extra-spicy curry, a handsome Indian guy named Virat comes to his rescue. Damon is instantly smitten with his looks, and especially with his cute smile. But Damon soon realizes he is very much out of his league when Virat introduces his new wife.

However, there might just be a chance Virat isn’t all he pretends to be …


This novella was very interesting to me. Love is hard enough but when you add different cultures into the mix it's even more complex. I really love how Sid started this ride and the ending had me giggling and smiling right along with the MC's. This is a short, sweet,interesting story. I was surprisingly educated and equally entertained throughout. Sid did a fantastic job!  


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  1. You do know how to pull the interesting sounding books in Meredith. Rarely a day goes by when I don't visit your blog and add yet another title to my TBR-list. I love it :)

    As for cultural differences, the husband and I are different nationalities but the cultural differences are minor and, after 25 years all but invisible.

  2. The book sounds really good and I do like to read about couples who have different lifes and it's will be interesting to see how the author deals with their differences


  3. My BFF since grade school is Hispanic, but her Mother and Father do not speak English. Growing up it was so hard to communicate with each other. But we figured it out and love each other to this day.

  4. Whilst at college I did have a very short relationship with someone from a different culture, religion and country, even though they had been educated in my country their thoughts were still very different especially with regards women.

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy of Sid Love's book :)

  5. My of my daughters BF is Hispanic. Some of the cultural differences in regards to woman really throw me sometimes.

  6. yes i did and it was hard...his family knew about me but mine didnt know about him

  7. my area is not very culturally diverse (have to travel to Sydney for diversity, and I hate travelling!) the answer is no I haven't had a relationship like that