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Author Saturday Spotlight: Kindle Alexander *Interview and Giveaway*

I could sit here and say my love for Kindle Alexander comes from creating character Mitch Knox... I could say that. I won't though ;) Seriously, she's great at romance and suspense! Hot romance! LOL. I stumble upon authors all different ways. I had always heard of Kindle Alexander but it was in the M/M Rec Group on Facebook that made me hunker down and read her. Everyone was asking about Full Disclosure, and was it good... Well, I was interested and I was told to read Double Full first. So I did. I read them both back to back and just knew I was a fan!

Kindle has a wonderful giveaway for one of you lucky readers and has answered a few questions I have for her. First, let's take a look at some of her books.

Up and coming football hero, Colton Michaels, makes a Hail Mary pass one night in the college locker room that results in the hottest, sexiest five days of his young life. However, interference after the play has him hiding his past and burying his future in the bottom of a bottle. While Colt seems to have it all, looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re trapped so far in a closet that you can’t see your way out. When ten years of living his expected fast-lane lifestyle lands him engaged to his manipulative Russian supermodel girlfriend, he decides it’s time to call a new play.

Jace Montgomery single-handily built the largest all-star cheerleading gym in the world, driven by a need to forget a life-altering encounter with a handsome quarterback a decade ago. His reputation as an excellent coach, hard-nosed business man, and savvy entrepreneur earned him respect in the sometimes catty world of competitive cheerleading. When Jace learns of his ex-lover’s plans to marry, his heart executes a barrel roll and his carefully-placed resolve tumbles down without a mat to absorb the shock. Can his island escape help him to finally let go of the past and move his life forward?

Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.

Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.

As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan...especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers

Gage Synclair, international, hard-hitting investigative photojournalist, is preparing for the final special report of his career…a story of deception and murder six long years in the making. And after ten years in some of the worst parts of the world, he’s ready to settle life down and open an art gallery in his hometown of Chicago. The only thing getting in his way, he needs to find a competent electrician to finish the job before his grand opening.

Trent Cooper, electrical contractor, is surprised by the last minute request for a fast-paced electrical remodel, wanting nothing more than to get his foot in the door with Layne Construction. Being gay in the construction industry isn’t easy, nor is being father to his two young adopted children. Trent keeps his life in separate zones to avoid a short circuit. But when the gallery owner propositions him on the first day, Trent can’t help but think his worlds are a little too close for comfort.

Will their high-voltage passion spark everlasting love or will their lives break the circuit between them forever?

Born to a prestigious political family, Avery Adams plays as hard as he works. The gorgeous, charismatic attorney is used to getting what he wants, even the frequent one-night stands that earn him his well-deserved playboy reputation. When some of the most prominent men in politics suggest he run for senate, Avery decides the time has come to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. With a strategy in place and the campaign wheels rolling, Avery is ready to jump on the legislative fast track, full steam ahead. But no amount of planning prepares him for the handsome, uptight restaurateur who might derail his political future.

Easy isn't even in the top thousand words to describe Kane Dalton's life after his father, a devout southern Baptist minister, kicks him out of the family home for questioning his sexual orientation. Despite all the rotten tomatoes life throws his way, Kane makes something of himself. Between owning a thriving upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and managing his long-term boyfriend, his plate is full. He struggles to get past the teachings of his childhood to fully accept his sexuality and rid himself of the doubts brought on by his religious upbringing. The last thing he needs is the yummy, sophisticated, blond-haired distraction sitting at table thirty-four.

You can see all of Kindles books on her website: Kindle Website or on Amazon Kindle on Amazon 


First question, I HAVE to ask, will there be a Nice Guys book 3?

    Yep, it's the book that keeps on going... Kreed and Aaron. I'm excited about this one. 

Your covers always blow me away! Do you use the same cover artist for each? Care to give them a shout out?

    Reese Dante is incredible and worth every dime. Mitch is not a man. His head and face aren’t real. The tatt's aren’t on that body. She's incredible. 

 Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

    The time. It's incredibly time consuming and it's hard to carve that out when your family all wants your attention. 

There are actors who literally become the characters they play until filming is done, do you ever try to become the characters you write to better understand them?
   No, but I do have phantom wee wee disorder. I know it's down there, I feel it, but I can’t touch it. Honestly, I have actors that start every book then they evolve into their own people. I really want those two actors to hook up some day. Right now they say they aren’t gay, they just haven’t met each other yet. 

 If there was one author in the world you'd love to meet, who would it be? 

 Stephanie Myers. Love her! Who is your author crush? 
My author crush very well might be Mary Calmes LOL I adore her writing.

 What is the one piece of knowledge you wish you had when you published your first book that you have now?

  Let's see, I think my answer that it's just not as intimidating as I thought it might be... 

 What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? And what has been the best compliment? 

    We have some serious haters who truly believe we buy reviews. It's grown into this massive issue to now they purposefully write bad reviews to make up for the good reviews we get. That's been very hard. We don't buy reviews, never have and it's just hurtful and mean-spirited. The best compliment is all the love we get. We've built a community of friends. That world means so much to me. It's wonderful to see so many open-minded, loving people in the world. 

What advice could you give new authors who get edits back for the first time?

  Just know you'll hate it. Don't fight it. Cuss in the openness of your quiet house and just do what they say. There's a reason they are editors and you're not. Plus, I start a "hate your editor week" during every book edit. 

 Can you tell us about your future projects?

Yes.... We have a new stand-alone coming. We also have a charity anthology coming out in January. Robert's story from Always is coming in March. Kreed's story is coming, then a stand-alone. We have next year pretty planned out. I hope it works out. 

 How can your readers find you via social media, websites?
Please come friend me!Facebook  Facebook Author Page 

THANK YOU for this opportunity today. This means so much to me. Big hugs! 

 Thank you in return, Kindle. It was a wonderful interview. You're awesome.

For the giveaway:

Kindle Alexander is giving one ebook of Always or one of her Nice Guys Series ebooks either Double Full or Full Disclosure. You can choose ONE. (You can look at the books by scrolling up)

Contest runs from today, Saturday November 8th until Friday, November 14th. Winner will be notified via email. Thank you so much! REMEMBER: REVIEW WHAT YOU READ!

I want to, again, thank Kindle for her kindness and for being my spotlight this week!


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  1. Always will stay with me for a very long time!

  2. I've read two of Kindle Alexander's books. I really liked Texas Pride. I have a couple more on my Kindle waiting to be read though.

  3. Ms Alexander is one of those authors I always come back to when I need a good read

  4. I haven't sampled Kindle Alexander yet although she's high on my list of authors I should get to sooner rather than later. Wonderful post and give-away. Thank you.

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  6. kindle books were the first ones i read in the m/m genre and i have been hooked ever their work

  7. I can say with all honesty that Always is one of my favorite books of all time. I love all of the others as well but this one just pulled me in.

  8. Loved Always, The Current Between Uu, and Double Full. Looking forward to reading Full Disclosure.

  9. I'm a HUGE fan of Kindle.. I love her books! She is an amazing author... it's hard to choose because all of her books are fabulous but if I had to choose one I would have to go with Always... I still get a little emotional just thinking about it!

  10. I love Kindle! I met them @ last year's GRL & found them to be beautiful, sweet & awesome! I love their stories & easily get lost in the books when I am in need of a getaway! Thanks for the amazing men you write & the equally amazing love stories!

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  12. Big Fan of Kindle's books--Texas Pride would be 1st ''cause 1st read--but I love all 6 and own them in print--Can't wait for the next ones in 2015--Go Kindle

  13. Got all three of them, they are beautiful books. Love to see that you will write Roberts story and I am so looking forward to the new nice guys book.