Thursday, July 10, 2014

Write For You

Once upon a time, we were all in school. Our teachers would tell us what to read and what to write. We did our task dutifully and preened when we were rewarded with a gold star. We may not have liked being told what to write but we did it, and we learned.

Fast forward to today... Authors of every genre lived in the time of syllabi. They use that time to create the worlds you fall in love with.

So, here's what pisses me off. Many times I scroll along Facebook or Twitter or I get a blog update from a favorite writer with a gift. Either an excerpt to a book I am dying to read or from an author/friend who has honored me by asking me to proof read something for them.

When these authors show us a glimpse, it's a reward for your loyalty and love. When I see on comments or threads comments like...

"You better not be..."
"I don't like where this is going..."
"Don't mess with my boys..."
"Don't make me hate you..."
"I don't think I like that you are..."
"You know what you should do?"

These are only a few examples. I see it more often than not. Sometimes an author/friend will wonder if what they are writing is okay because of your comments. They second guess because you don't realize the power you hold.

An author writes for the love of it and thrives on the joy you get from their words. Instead of telling a writer what they "SHOULD" write, why don't you take that criticism and write your own book. Don't be a teacher and school them in how they should write their book. It's not an easy task to complete a story.

I commend authors who pummel through the unwanted critiques and take us to places we don't have the guts to take ourselves to.

So, Writers, you write your story! Write for you and those who appreciate you will follow.


  1. And you hit the nail on the head with the line, " don't realize the power you hold." I never realized how the words, "I can't wait!!! Hurry!!!" have such an adverse effect until I saw a favorite author beating himself up over not making his self-imposed deadline. You think, as a reader, that an author LOVES to hear those words. It means "We love your words and can't wait to read more of them!" But, to the author, "Hurry - I can't wait" sounds entirely different. And as far as "You'd better not...." type of comments, I think readers just want to let the author know how protective they are of these characters that have become real to them. But, again, it sounds totally different to the author. It's a VERY fine line. I know, I, for one, will never say, "hurry" again because I care more about the authors - these wonderful people who tell me stories - than I do about the story itself. Doesn't mean I won't harass them a bit if they are someone I know, because that's just what I do, but I try to make sure they know I care more about them as a person.

    1. Protective is awesome. I agree that we as readers get attached. It's great for the writer to see that loyalty and love. BUT there are people who push and push and push! Dictators of the written word. Fun is one thing but it gets carried away by too many

  2. This. All of this. So much. Thank you for saying it. All of those statements make me cringe every time I see them.

    1. Yes I wince when I see them. I feel like there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. You're welcome

  3. Thanks for saying this.

    While an author would be nothing without their readers, and we appreciate every one of them, we cannot let them influence our stories. We're the ones writing them, not the readers.

    1. Authors also feel limited in what they can say. Writers are in a "politically correct" boat and that sucks! People need to just know better

  4. Thank you for writing this. I don't understand why readers think it's their place to dictate things. The writer is writing their characters and their story. It's theirs, not ours. Just like a piece of art (which books really are), some you will like and others you won't, but you don't tell the artist that they painted it wrong.