Monday, April 7, 2014

The Rising Talent of Photographer Jordan Grady

We get our inspiration from the world around us. For some it's in a song or a childhood memory. Others. it's in a picture. Jordan Grady is inspired by everything around him and through his lens he freezes that moment. Ever wonder as you read a story where the author got the idea for it? It's interesting really... Photographer sees a sunset and is drawn to it's beauty, itches to still it for just a moment. He lifts his camera and... click! Frozen in time. Perhaps that sunset hangs on the wall of a library. An author enters to do research and sees the picture and an idea is born, a story is written and a world is created. All because a photographer was so taken with the beauty of the sun. A domino effect.

I have had the privilege of viewing a lot of Jordan Grady's work and even got him to sit down and let me interview him for all of you. He has agreed to share some of his work as well. Afterwards I will link all of his contact information for you to get in touch and see what it is he can do for you.

All photos are property of Jordan Grady and he has allowed me to post them here for your enjoyment:


Of course after viewing all these amazing pictures it's no doubt that Jordan Grady has an eye for the incredible. I want to thank him again for agreeing to allow me to torture him with questions so that I can bring HIS talent to all of you :)

1. What made you get into photography?

 -Quite honestly, it's something I fell into by accident. I had some friends at the time who were photographers and the craft really began to intrigue me, so I started taking shots on my iPhone and posting them to my Facebook. A few friends commented saying I had talent and should continue. A family member loaned me a camera and the rest is history. I look back occasionally and cringe at what I thought was 'cool' and 'hip' back then. I've definitely grown and evolved as a photographer and an artist and for that I'm grateful. Here's an example of those early iPhone shots:

2. Do you have a specialty, ie landscapes, people?
 -This is something I'm actually very conscientious about. I love finding and capturing the beauty in all things, whether that be people, animals, or breathtaking landscapes. I enjoy them all, and have been blessed with opportunities to work with all those things.

3. You also do some photo manipulation. Just your photos, or other people's?

 -From a professional standpoint, I will only manipulate my own pictures, unless it's a stock photo that has been purchased from the owner.
4. Can you name any photographers you'd compare yourself to? I said earlier, I had a few friends, one in particular, who really influenced me to pick up a camera and start shooting. That said, I'm very careful about creating my own brand. The last thing I want to do is emulate someone else's style or artistic outlook. 

5. Right now you're local to NC. What services do you offer for locals and what to people who seek you out from all over?
 - Yes, currently I am located in eastern NC. For anyone local, I'm down to shoot pretty much whatever they're wanting (engagements, weddings, maternity, family shots, pets, events, boudoir, and even nudes). I'm not opposed to traveling, provided it's beneficial to me. I actually was just hired for my first out of state wedding, so that's pretty exciting. I've also recently been contracted to do a cover for one of AJ Rose's upcoming books. I'm very excited, and slightly nervous, to begin work on that project. 

6. If people wanted to see what you could do, aside from these beautiful pictures here, do you offer examples based on a consultation?
  -Of course. I'm always striving to add to and diversify my portfolio.
7. Where would you like to see your business in say a year's time?
 -When I started out in photography (and photo manipulation) it was a hobby. The photography part has sort of evolved over the years and is now becoming more of a side business. I'd love to say that I see myself quitting my day job and doing this full time, since it is my dream, but unfortunately I just don't see the market here in NC supporting that. I'd be doing this whether I'm making money at it or not. It's my form of self-expression; my way of showing people the world through my eyes and lens. So, if I make enough to pay for my equipment I'm happy.

8. Tell us about the equipment you use.
 -I'm a Canon man through and through. No offense to any Nikon lovers out there, but I'm in love with Canon's products. I pretty much exclusively use their product and have been very satisfied with the result. 

9. What are all the means you have at this time for people to contact you?
 -People can email me at or they can message me via my photography Facebook page: JGrady Photography. Link here > JGrady

10.Do you have standard packages or do you cater to each person's individual need?
  -I try to cater to whatever people want when they hire me. I'm fairly new to the business aspect of this, so it's taking me some time to figure out where my profit line is. That said though, I do have set prices for standard, run of the mill shoots.

Be sure to like Jordan Grady's Facebook page! All contact info is up there as well AND he posts regularly on there so you can enjoy gorgeous pictures, and perhaps see something you like. 

He is a very diverse photographer so naturally he's a quick favorite in my book! Check him out and maybe JUST maybe he has the muse you've been looking for!