Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Creative Mind is a Dangerous Mind

There's a saying, "Never wrong a writer. They get their revenge in print." That is oh so very true! I've seen writers viciously type graphic death scenes with characters they name based on those who have wronged them. But that is just one explanation of the dangers of a creative mind.

We see a painting that speaks to us. A story that we empathize with. A song we relate to. Behind that art, that beauty, that emotion is a vulnerable person. Someone who bled for that piece of themselves to be seen by so many.

Within those creative minds are fissures of doubt, question, pain, sorrow, horror. Yes, there is joy, triumph, pride and accomplishment. But for a mind built to create, the darkness has always been louder then the light.

Do I think only creative minds feel such things? No, I do not. But I can only speak from a place I know well. Artists, writers, poets, whatever talent a person possesses, consumes them. They are always trying to best themselves. Their competition is with themselves. I wrote this, now I will write something better.  You think your words tear them down? They do, but what they do to themselves is far worse then the pin pricks of hate that impale them.

"Your story is trash, I can't believe you wrote this piece of shit and you can sleep at night"

"Were you dropped on your head? This is written by someone who clearly has no talent."

"My four year old can paint a better picture"

"This song is like hyenas screaming.... trash!"

^^^ Examples of hateful words.

Now, these burn, stab, eat at a talent. But we square our shoulders and say, "Yeah, that hurts, yeah I'm crying over this, but I say worse things about myself. You're just telling me what I already know."

Do not take this as a challenge to being an even worse human being then you are if you are responsible for saying such words. Take it as a wake up call! Your words are lighter fluid on coals, the creative person holds the match. 

I have no doubt people (everyone) has done this. Remember this... A creative mind is a dangerous mind. You can do bad WE can do worse. Writers, painters, poets, musicians... You know their name, not their story. You are gifted a part of who they are in the art they create. Such generosity deserves respect. Can't respect it, then shut up. Nothing you can say can break what's already broken.

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