Advertising at Diverse Reader

Diverse Reader is excited to introduce advertising for authors, publishers, cover artists, and anyone else who is part of the publishing process.

How it works is like this. There are two tiers. Tier One and Two.
Advertising starts the 1st of every month.

Tier One:
Top 4 slots on the site.  (2 on the left. 2 on the right) Visible throughout site.

Pricing: (USD)
 $20.00 for one month
$50.00 for three months
$80.00 for six months

Tier Two:
Four slots below tier one. (2 on the left 2 on the right) Visible throughout the site.

Pricing: (USD)
$10.00 for one month
$25.00 for three months
$50.00 for six months

Sidebars remain visible anywhere a person navigates on the site on mobile or desktop.


STATIC PHOTO:  (cover, logo, whatever NO NUDITY) with that picture when a person clicks on it, it will take them to the site of your choice. It can be a buy site, your website, anywhere as long as it’s not a porn site.

 GIF: We can make your gif for you using Photoshop and hosted by Giphy. This will not take a person to a link but will show up to 5 covers, logos, or whatever of your choice (NO NUDITY) You can supply your own gif if you’d like (Must provide HTML code).


The time you reserve is yours. So if you reserve for 3 months and want a different thing for each month that’s absolutely fine.

All payments are done via PayPal. An invoice will be created and emailed to you. Payment will be required one week before your scheduled advertising time begins. So if you are scheduled for the 1st of July you must have the payment in seven days prior. Payment is due in full for the whole of your scheduled times, no monthly payments permitted.

CONTACT ME (Meredith) at


Tier 1's

Slot One: No availability this year
Slot Two: No availability this year
Slot Three: No availability this year
Slot Four: Availability: July, August, September, October, November, December

    Tier 2's

Slot One: Availability:  August, September,  November, December
Slot Two: Availability:  November, December
Slot Three: Availability: November, December
Slot Four: Availability:    November, December  
Other advertising offers may be available at a later date

 2019 bookings will open in November (overlaps are the exception)


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