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Meredith is the owner of Diverse Reader. Through determination she has watched it grow into a huge promotional and review site for the LGBTQA community. Through the years the staff has grown and so have the books. 

She lives in the north east and is forever a city girl. Meredith is married to a man with a lot of patience and has three amazing children that light up her life. After many years she has finally published her debut book, Snow Falling, under the pen name Davidson King.
The LGBTQ community has become her family and has helped her grow as a person and a writer. She’s made many friends and many that she knows will be lifelong. 

She loves coffee, elephants, sunflowers, books, and wine. Often times you won’t find her without her phone or Kindle in hand. As busy as she is she wouldn’t give any of it up for anything.


Erin is a book addict! She loves books of all kinds, but her favorites are Contemporary Romance or YA . She reads both boy/boy AND boy/girl, sometimes girl/girl or any other combination that piques her interest. She's been reading since she could hold a book in her hands and doesn't see that changing any time soon. Give her a Coke, some kick ass tunes from her favorite playlists, and a book, and she's in reading heaven. Even though she reads about 4-5 books a week, reading never, ever gets old. It doesn't hurt that she likes listening to them sometimes, too.

She's a Texan, though she drinks her tea plain and NOT sweet. She loves cheesecake, strawberry limeade's from Sonic and her favorite color is purple. In her books, she loves an HEA, but she never minds if the road is rough to get there, as long as the reward is worth the struggle.


When not reassuring people that, Yes, her name REALLY is Morningstar, and NO, it is not Ashley, she spends her time reading m/m romance. Her go-to subgenres are paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy, and any book with a diverse pairing dynamic. She enjoys modern tropes transplanted from fantasy, especially any take on Beauty and the Beast—arranged marriages, the jock and the nerd, the alpha and the twink. May/December pairings hold a special place in her heart, and nothing makes her happier than love overcoming all obstacles for that HEA.
A vigorous and effervescent sense of humor keeps her friends laughing, and nothing is better than Morningstar trying to convince someone that she doesn’t have a wicked streak of deviance under her Sweet Girl Next Door exterior. Nothing too crazy, but she enjoys dipping her toes in the deep end on occasion. Some of the best conversations are those held with no holds barred, and a kind smile softens many a teasing remark. Fiercely loyal and devoted, Morningstar treasures her friendships, despite many attempts made by foolish people trying to escape!

A Northern transplant hopelessly outnumbered in the Deep South, Morningstar reinforces her idealism by raising her two children to accept love in all its forms, that all people deserve love no matter who they fall for, and that human rights has no barrier that can’t be defeated by sacrifice and perseverance. Morningstar devotes her time to her husband, her children, her schooling, and is thankful and lucky to be able to review for Diverse Reader. When not reviewing, or avoiding the random apocalypse brought on by her children, Morningstar is hard at work on her debut novel, hoping one day to join the world of m/m romance as an author.


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So, I tried to get away with a simple, "Hi, I'm Michael."  But, nnnnoooo, that wasn't an option.  So here we go.

Before getting into M/M romance, I was a total nerd.  Sci-Fi, fantasy (not THAT.  Sword, sorcery, that kind of thing), comics, toys.  You name it, if it screamed dork, I probably did it.  I was a homodork, and proud.

In addition to that, I've always wanted to write.   Strangely, I wrote fantasy (Yes, THAT kind:  guy meets guy, they fall in love, have the white picket fence and live happily-ever-after)
I would walk into a book store and peruse all two shelves of their gay selection, and would always come away disappointed.  The books were depressing, nothing spoke to me about love and happiness.
Then I read one book.   I won't tell you what book, but it had two handsome men and a dog on the cover.   I read it in one sitting, and was hooked.  I fell in love with the M/M genre the moment I read that first sentence, and I have been in love with it since.  

I am astounded at the limitless story potential within one genre.  You can literally do anything within the genre, from comedy to paranormal, mystery to sci-fi, fantasy to straight out romance, and everything in between.

I have always believed in the power of the written word, and the ability for one story to touch the reader in such a way that it can literally change the course of their life.  This one book opened up a world of possibilities for a middle-aged guy from Toledo, Ohio, and is what ultimately led me here.  And, I am happy to say, I never looked back.


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Hi, everyone! I'm Jenn and I have to admit, I'm not really sure what to say about myself, but here goes! 

I have been an avid reader my whole life, I would read anything I could get my hands on. Around nine, I read To Kill a Mockingbird and my fate was sealed...I was a reader for life!

I started reading mm books approximately two years ago and again my fate seemed sealed. I love all types of mm books, my favorites being friends or enemies to lovers, GFY, and books that have strong friendships in them! I'm also a sucker for a sports themed romance, especially hockey! I love a book with great banter among the characters. I can always be found with my Kindle in hand and anyone who knows me will tell you, I love talking books! I'm a complete book nerd and I believe that the only people who don't love to read....must be doing it wrong!

I am married to my middle school sweetheart, who still makes me smile every day! We have two grown sons, one married and one getting married this fall! We also have two grandchildren, Olivia and Grady. These people own my heart! 

That is plenty about me....sheesh! I am so happy to be a member of the Diverse Reader family and look forward to writing many reviews! I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I'll enjoy doing them. Thank you for welcoming me!

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Hi, I'm Truus, living in a little open-minded country- The Netherlands in West Europe. I have a positive attitude and love to spread some sparkle of LoveIsLove.

Yes, I'm the one with a Kindle in my hand...always reading.... and always with m/m as the main character.
I feel very connected to the LGBTQ community. I love the whole spectrum and just prefer to read m/m. I don't have, or not yet met, any red flags or boundaries with reading. What I love is a book with some kind of an HEA or HFN, but if a story is good and there isn't any, I'm also okay with it. I can get very emotional while reading and I also review while I’m my reviews can get emotional... I put my soul in them.
I feel really honored for the opportunity to review for Diverse Reader because....duh.

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    The two good books for September were:

    Waiting for the Flood (Spires Universe)
    by Alexis Hall

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