Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Hope~ From the authors you love...

New Year resolutions are kind of a thing of the past. They set us up for failure, every year. For me anyway. So, I thought it might be cool to just do a New Year Hope.

What do you hope for 2016? For yourself, or for all humankind. 

This is what I asked a bunch of amazing authors. I thought readers, fans, and other authors would love to see what these amazing people are HOPING for this year. 

I got wonderful responses.  Many participated and here's what came of it. I HOPE you enjoy these as much as I did...

 I hope that somehow in the upcoming year something can be done to stop the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in the Middle East and all over the world.  Their cruelty is absolutely appalling.  It's a global threat that needs to be remedied as soon as possible.   ~ John Inman

I guess I have a lot of hopes for the New Year. I hope my family is safe and well. I also hope to finish my masters and my two trilogies, and to have a great time at Euro Pride Con in Berlin. ~J. Johanis

My wish for mankind for 2016 is for continual strides to be made toward LGBT equality. Marriage equality in 2015 was huge. Let's hope we don't elect a bonehead for president who eradicates the forward momentum!
  ~ Lane Hayes

My hope for everyone in the world: may your comfort zones be abandoned and subsequently expanded, may your empathy grow three sizes, may you embrace the scary work of personal growth and creativity, may you discover at least one new skill to learn, may you find all the love you need in your own heart, and may you spread it around unconditionally.  ~Leta Blake

I want to say that I hope 2016 will be the year the world learns more tolerance. Towards gay people, transgender people, Muslims. Anyone. But on a more personal level what I really hope is that I can make things better for my son. Give him a more stable home, bring him some peace of mind, help him find his happy place again. There's really nothing I want more than that. ~ Indra Vaughn

My hope for the New Year, and for the rest of 2016 as it pans out, is to finally find the balance between work, family, housework, and regular sex. 2015 has left my house rather messy, though you could argue I'm simply creating an obstacle course for burglars, and I'm okay with that. Because it's not like my dogs would keep them out. Fuck no. They'd bring them their stuffed raccoon and show them the way to the bacon. All the bacon. And then I'd have no bacon and my struggle for balance would be even more skewed. Love you all!! Lalala...*rocks*~ Garrett Leigh

What I hope for 2016 is Marriage Equality and Parenting Equality where we see more happy families. I hope that this would lessen the numbers of homeless GLBT youth on the streets thus also minimizing mental health issues and suicides.

I hope that events in 2016 will help me to establish my career as a successful writer and to also have the means to grow spiritually. ~ Lily Adile Lamb

My New Year’s Wish for 2016 is for the writing community I love so much.
I wish:

*  For more beautiful stories, reflecting every spectrum of our LGBTQ community and not just MM romance;

* For us to remember what’s important - each other and our community - so we can come together and support one another during the rough times, instead of tearing each other apart;

* And for us to celebrate and be proud of our differences, but remember that those differences are what make our writing community unique and amazing. ~ Eileen Griffin

In 2016 I'm focusing entirely on my career. I've been treating it as a hobby for far too long. I'm hoping I can achieve everything I've put in my schedule!

On a personal level, the most important thing I'm hoping for is good health for all my family. Anything else can be fixed or achieved, but good health is precious and we should all appreciate it a little more. I'm also hoping to spread my wings a little and go out of my comfort zone more often. It'll be a challenge for an introvert like me, but I'm dead set on at least trying.

I'm wishing everyone a successful, healthy, lucky new year! Tell your family you love them even when they annoy the hell out of you ;)

Thanks, Meredith, for inviting me to be a part of your post! Happy New Year!  ~ Teodora Kostova

I’ve spent a few days thinking about what my one hope for the New Year is and keep on coming up with the same, one word, answer. I’m hoping for peace.

I’m not actually talking about world peace, although I am of course all in favour of that and would love nothing more than to wake up to a world without violence, bigotry, hate, death and destruction.

My personal hope is less ambitious though. I hope 2016 will be more peaceful as far as my online life is concerned. When I first encountered the MM community of writers and readers I was blown away by the levels of love and support I encountered. For the most part they can still be found, but over the past twelve months those positives have, at times, been overshadowed by darker, far from loving, confrontations.

Of course we are a community of individuals, all with our own idiosyncrasies, personal opinions and tolerance levels. My hope is that all of us will be able to remember that fact next year, and as a result be more tolerant of those who don’t think, feel and react exactly the way we do.

Long answer short: I hope to never again see a friend of mine post that they need to take a break from social media because of all the unpleasantness. ~Helena Stone

I hope the world is a more positive place in 2016 and to that end, I hope to be a more positive presence myself. ~ Sean Michael

My hope for 2016 is to see more people, taking more action, in the areas that matter. There is too much apathy in the world. We need people to stand up for what they believe in, to fight for what's right, and to help others. Let's stop 'talking the talk', and start 'walking the walk'. Be proactive, take action, and let's make a difference. ~ Nic Starr

I hope for so many things in my personal and professional life, but I also hope for things to change in the world in terms of all of the hate and turmoil. I'll try to narrow down the scope and keep it to the romance community and more specifically M/M since that's primarily what I write. For 2016, I hope for things in the genre to be less chaotic. Sometimes it may seem like we as a community are being dealt blow after blow, but I think it's really important to consider who else may be alienated when we lash out publicly during these controversies and dramas. I hope we can all get back to reading and writing, and leave the divisiveness behind.  ~ Santino Hassell

My hope for 2016 is that we look for commonalities as a people while appreciating the unique qualities of individuals. ~ Jenna Kendrick

What do you hope for 2016?

For myself: continued good health and being able to take joy in every single day.

For the world: for Bernie to win the nomination and then the election. This country, and the world, needs him. ~Theo Fenraven

My new year's hope for 2016 is that I and everyone else find the joy and inspiration that comes from letting go. ~ Rick. R. Reed

My New Year's Hope for 2016 is to find more serenity in my life. I want to handle things with more grace and less fear. I don't want to be afraid of the future and what waits around the corner, I want to be excited for it. Bring it on 2016, my arms are wide open. :) ~ S.C. Wynne

My New Year’s Hope for 2016 is that everyone in the world could love a little more and hate a little less ~ Jay Northcote

"What is your New Year's Hope for 2016?" This question was hard for me to answer. If you know my books you know I'm not really one for looking to the future. I'm more about looking back; the past is where I get my ideas and motivation. The past and all its messiness is easy to romanticize because with hindsight it's often easy to find the good that came out of every struggle, setback, challenge, and heartbreak. Maybe you got laid-off from your job, spent six months worrying you'd soon have to live under a bridge, then got a new job and met your future spouse in the next cubicle. Maybe a health issue upended your life but ultimately helped you realize how strong you are and how much the people who love you are willing to go through with you. It's easy to see silver linings with hindsight, of course. My hope for 2016, for myself and for you, is that we'll see them with foresight, too -- and remember that every challenge is a chance for something good to result, even if the future becomes the past before we learn what it is. ~ Ben Monopoli

Health and happiness for my family, and the chance to write as much as I can in 2016. ~ RJ Scott

When people wish for change, they wish for short term solutions (which sound like long-term solutions) for a single issue:  an end to racial conflict, peace in the Middle East, greater acceptance for ______ type of people. I’m greedy. I want more. For myself and the world, I want the ability to view others with greater compassion, especially those I don’t understand. THIS is the magic elixir from which all short and long-term solutions flow. ~ Edmond Manning

Hope: To want something to happen and think that it is possible.

Hope is a good word. It's a positive one, but for me it's not quite powerful enough. One can always hope, but it lacks the oomph to instill confidence in the desire. I wish instead the description of hope was, 'believe that it is possible.' Because when you believe, as corny as it may sound, it really does give way for incredible outcomes. And even if you fail, that belief often gives birth to the try, try again mentality. So what is my 2016 New Year Hope? My hope is that you believe. Believe in anything. Believe you can get that job. Believe you'll ace the test. Believe it's not too late to make changes. Even believe you can read those hundreds of books in your TBR pile! Because when you have confidence in yourself, it shows and affects those around you. -C.S. Poe

My hope for 2016 is to bring laughter to though I already know and those I have never met. Whether it's from my books or just talking to each other. I hope I can make them chuckle. Laughing is my crack. Wait, crack is whack. Don't do drugs kids.  ~ Z.B. Heller

I'm really hoping for good health. 

I'm trying to make myself healthier and not fall into the same traps I always have. Plus I'd like to stop second guessing myself and be happy. And peace. Always strive for peace. ~Felice Stevens

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Bill Thimmesch said, “We live in more than a trying time.

I couldn’t agree more, and there is no more lucent representation of our present-day human condition than our youth. Their trials, tribulations, and circumstances mirror who and what we have become, and the world can seem bleak.

Bill went on to say, “Sometimes this world can seem hopeless, as if the darkness of evil, selfishness and hate might drown out all the light in the world.  But neighborhood by neighborhood, village by village, town by town, and country by country there is still hope in those who love others, serve others, give of themselves to others, and provide hope to others through countless acts of service and compassion.  No amount of darkness can blot out all the light of humanity.  A ray of sunshine remains in each of us. May it shine ever more brightly in 2016.

May I bring you hope. More importantly, may your ray of sunshine shine ever more brightly in 2016. ~
Cody Kennedy

What do I hope for 2016?  For me and for humankind?

For humankind, it’s cheesy to say “Peace on Earth” and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is just not possible.  Someone will always be causing unrest – even if it’s the mother-in-law telling her son’s daughter that she cleans the shower wrong.  So my hope for 2016 is more UNDERSTANDING between humankind.  I think a lot of wars are started over the fact that others don’t take time to UNDERSTAND.  Religion, family, sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, medical conditions, environmental concerns... all of them need UNDERSTANDING.  If people could just take time to ask a few questions, another person take time to answer them sensibly, and they both listened... so much more understanding in the world.  With understanding, I think there would more peace.

For me?  I hope for improvements of health for my family, and lots of words published for me.  My husband was managing his health nicely, and then suddenly we had a new problem pop up in Oct-Dec.  He had two operations in December, so I’m hoping he mends well and we can get back on track.  My son has also had some problems this year which I hope get better.  And of course, I want stories out!  I want you to read!  I want those stories to flow from my fingertips to you.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year. ~ Renae kaye

My hope for the new year, for myself and all of us, is that we’ll make kindness a priority. Despite all the negativity in the world, I really believe small gestures can make a real difference.

Here’s just one little example. Yesterday, I was standing behind an old woman waiting to check out at the market. She was probably around eighty-five or so and was there by herself. She’d brought up a pretty little battery-operated candle in a plastic holder with her groceries, and asked the cashier how much it was. When the clerk told her it was $3, the woman asked her to put it back because she couldn’t afford it. I stepped in and bought it for her, and she was so grateful. She said no one had ever done anything like that for her before, and that broke my heart. The woman left the store with a smile on her face, and hopefully she also left feeling like someone in the world cared. Other people, the cashier and a couple at the next register, all turned and smiled at me and commented on what I’d done, and it was actually bittersweet, because the way they reacted suggested what I’d done was unusual. But it shouldn’t be.

The purpose of that story isn’t, “Yay me, I did something nice!” It’s simply this: it’s incredibly easy to spread a little kindness. It doesn’t have to be monetary, not by a long shot. A friendly word, a simple gesture, or a smile all go a long way. ~ Alexa Land

For 2016, I hope to see LGBT romance hit the mainstream. In the past five years I've seen so many people come to our little corner of the internet, and with the progress of the equality movement last year, I want to see even more. I'd like to see stories with queer protagonists outside of romance, and I'd like to see our romances treated with the legitimacy they deserve. I hope to see our community let go of the drama of the past and move forward as what we are: a diverse and eclectic group with a shared passion. Together, I know we can make 2016 an amazing year. ~ Kate Aaron

I'm hopeful for 2016 to bring my wife's green card so I can stop with the niggling worry something will happen and she'll get deported. I'm hopeful for stronger family bonds. It would be awesome if I could have as much success in my career as I enjoyed last year, and if I could get to another convention. I would love to take a research trip this summer which is kind of a pipe dream right now. In other words, I hope I can do bigger and better things this year compared to 2015 and all of it with Kate by my side. Happy New Year, everyone! ~ AJ Rose



    1. Thank you, Maria! It was great to be part of the post!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to participate, Meredith. I loved reading what others had to say, and ended reading the post with a smile on my face. This world will definitely be a much better place is only a small portion of these hopes come true. <3

  3. Thank you, Meredith, for your tireless work and the honor of being included in such an incredible post. You rock! May 2016 bring all of you the awesome wonderful things you deserve!

  4. Thank you Meredith <3 I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Edmond Manning with thoughts on compassion and Cody Kennedy about understanding, Alexa Land with kindness - these are so wonderful <3 Truly amazing people!